I’ll help you transform your interns so they think fast on their feet, anticipate what the client & their guests need and refine their eyes to see the details as superhero apprentices.”

~Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP  |  Instructor + CEO of The Apprentice Program

The Apprentice Program is a six-week onboarding solution to help event planners provide world-class training for their interns.

Our video lessons and tutorials support your in-house training, giving your apprentices the ability to hit the ground running.

Save time by onboarding your interns faster.

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This Fall, try something different!  We are currently accepting pre-orders for our intern training program for the Fall 2016 semester. Your firm receives:

weekly video sessions

homework missions

intern report cards

insider tips

As an ideal mentor, you are:

-in charge of training people at your firm

-willing to invest just $75 per intern for their training

-interested in learning how to be a better mentor

Ready to take your intern training to the next level?

Build a Better Team...

that'll help you book more brides

Everything you need
to train your

just a click away...

Save TIME, Minimize STRESS...

become a superhero mentor!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

"The content is SPOT-ON, absolutely perfect!"

− Regina, CEO of Cloud Nove Events

"Wow! I never realized how many little details make up a wedding. I certainly learned how to think fast on my feet and complete tasks in a timely manner."

− Shirin, Apprentice

"This is great & such a stress reliever on me to have your help!"

− Michele, CEO of Modish Productions

"Now, I can devote my time and attention to our clients and future clients, knowings that our interns are busy learning and applying the skills we covered in training."

− Becky, CEO of Brock + Co Events