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I wanted to address the reason of price, in case that is causing any sort of hesitation on your side.

So, why pay $75/intern for this training?

Have you ever heard the saying: “the grass is greener where you water it.”
photo credit: sujan sundareswaran

photo credit: sujan sundareswaran

How much does your wedding planning firm currently invest in training and development for your interns? Some of you guys might say, “well, nothing.” But actually, that’s a lie.

If you are training your interns on the fly, you are paying with your precious time.

And how much is your current going hourly rate? THAT, my friend, is what you are paying.

What if you simply invested $75/intern for 6-weeks of custom-crafted training? What would that look like, pushing this task off your plate? The grass would certainly be greener on your side, in your competitor’s eyes…and here’s why.

Right now, the average wedding planner spends 3-4 hours a week, cobbling together some sort of lesson plan for their interns.

What if we did that for you?

Imagine it for a second…Monday morning rolls around and your team meeting is at 10am. As the CEO, all you do to prepare is watch a quick 2-minute video that preps you on this week’s topic we’ll cover and you decide how much or how little you want to take part in the training process, sharing your firm’s case studies or put it on auto-pilot and have The Simplifiers provide full training.

Say the topic is event design. You LOVE training people on event design.

You could talk about Pinterest, color palette and mood boards in your sleep. Fantastic! This week, we’ll provide you a quick 3-minute “spark” video to watch with your interns, introducing the fundamentals in event design and kicking off the discussion with guided questions. Then, you take the ball and run with it from there, pausing the video and stepping up to train on your firm’s process, provide real-wedding case studies and assign our custom-crafted homework assignments.

Now let’s say next week’s topic is all about budgets. You HATE training people on budgets…

…It’s your least favorite part of planning weddings and (your secret is safe with us) you could use a little brushing up on your Excel skills yourself. No biggie, we’ve got you covered. Sit back, relax and watch all of the “spark” videos this week (five 3-minute modules), join in on the lively discussions in the “think fast” scenarios as you see fit and after every video, you simply connect the dots for your team on how your firm handles budgets.

Easy peasy.

Our eLearning training solution is all about sparking better conversations between you, the CEO, and your interns.

And better conversations = better engagement from your interns = a more productive team who you can confidently delegate tasks to. = SAVES. YOU. TIME.

And let’s face it…we (wedding planners) are time-poor people. No time to waste, no time to lose.

Your interns want to learn everything they can about the events industry. The Apprentice Program provides structure and simplifies your weekly requirements to train and mentor your team.

And not to be a Negative Nancy but, here’s the doozy.

The US Department of Labor requires you to provide a “rich training environment for your interns”…or you run the risk of getting sued for negligence, like what happened to this wedding planner in Toronto.  That’s a $30-50k mistake you don’t want to make.

This is serious business.

So, I ask you…how much is your firm worth, to protect against this risk?

$75 per intern for six weeks of training? I’d say so, at the very least…

Apply today to gain access to the online training tools in The Apprentice Program and we will teach you how to become a better mentor and help you train your interns to learn the critical topics of wedding planning and how to think fast on their feet.  We’ll give you the foundation of learning from our 12+ years of experience in the events industry.  Everything…all at your fingertips.

Deadline to apply is rapidly approaching!




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