Why eLearning can transform your interns into superheroes

Busy season means go-go-go!  Weddings every weekend, 200+ emails a day and the phone ringing off the hook means it can be hard to find the time to train your interns.

We’ve all been there.

And it’s a trap…You see, it’s all just one big vicious cycle…too busy to fully train your team = work piling up = a team who can’t help you because they haven’t gotten enough training = you try to do it all, all by yourself = crash and burn.

Time to stop the madness.

Read more if you want to get your interns up to speed quicker, so you can delegate more tasks and book more brides like this…

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photo credit: Sunny 16 Photography, wedding planner: The Simplifiers

Research has shown that online learning may improve educational productivity in several different ways.  This means that not only does learning online save you (the CEO) time, but it also helps your Millennial interns learn faster!

We’ve done a ton of research on eLearning and how it could apply to the events industry…here’s what we discovered as the top takeaways:
  1. eLearning offers materials and resources specifically created to engage your interns in active learning and help you as a mentor to spark BETTER conversations and learning moments with your interns.
  2. Homework assignments are created specifically to the content to test your intern’s knowledge before they put it into practice in a real-life situation…which means, it gives your interns a SAFE spot to make mistakes and learn before connecting with your clients.
  3. Millennials CRAVE feedback...they want to know how they’re doing in a job and what they can improve on.  We provide a platform for immediate feedback so your interns are able to instantly see their mistakes, given constructive advice and are encouraged to improve and grow as an event planner.

Learning in this way gives your interns a foundation of knowledge that you as a CEO can build on, teaching them the way you do things at your wedding planning firm.

This combination of…online eLearning face-to-face instruction = blended learning

…has been found to result in better performing students, when compared to students who have taken traditional face-to-face classes.

70% of students agree that they learn best in a blended environment.

Bottom-line, teach your Millennial interns how they wanted to be taught…online eLearning spark videos from The Apprentice Program equip you as their mentor with all the tools you need to engage your interns, onboard them faster on how your firm operates and train them in all the critical topics of wedding planning so you can empower them to take on more tasks and let you focus more time on sales and client relations.

You’d think this would cost a FORTUNE, right?  Wrong.  We’ve dropped the price from $2000 for our 6-week onboarding training solution to $75/per intern.  Buy today!

Make sure you’re not missing out and find out more on how solutions like The Apprentice Program can help you.

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