Where to Find the Very Best Interns

some of our very best Apprentices

some of our very best Apprentices over the years…

It’s all about getting the right people on the bus.

Let’s face it…you’ve got a small business to run, no time to lose, no time to slow down.  Especially in busy season, which is basically expanding to 10 months out of the year now, it seems.  Yup, I totally know that feeling.

There are times you’d much rather just keep your nose down and plow thru the ever-mounting work on your weekly to-do lists than even think about taking a step off the proverbial golden hamster wheel and taking time to weed thru resumes and interviewing candidates ad nauseam.

But hold the phone, for just a moment.

What if I could share with you my top 3 insider tips on where to find the very best interns, saving you time, making your life easier and helping to attract the right people to your team?

Well, here goes… 

Tip 1 – get connected with SEPA

SEPA (Student Event Planners Association) is a US-based professional organization that caters to Millennials in the event planning and hospitality industry.  More importantly, they have over 500+ members across the United States in 17 chapters and more in formation.  This fast-growing student-run organization completely impress the pants off of us.

Over the years, some of the very best Apprentices of The Simplifiers have come from SEPA.  

We found these bright, sharp, go-getters are consistently ones who are passionate about event planning, dedicated and willing to give 110% to learn everything they can and always dive in as part of our integral team.  And while this may sound strange, we found SEPA student members who drove 15-30 miles to work with us were more committed to their internship than local interns who lived only 5 minutes away.  Why?  They know a great opportunity when they see one…and I can say, without a doubt, they are some of the very best intern candidates in the US.

Tip 2 – save time, post it where they can see it

Now is the time to submit your summer internship opportunities to the SEPA Internship Board, which gets distributed to their entire membership.  Click here to get started…and what’s better, it’s FREE to submit internships!

If you haven’t secured your fall interns yet, here’s a few deadlines to aim for:

Submit your internship to SEPA by – MONDAY, September 28, 2015

Apply for the Fall Class of 2015 by 11:59pm PST – WEDNESDAY, September 30, 2015*

Interview candidates – THURSDAY, October 1 – FRIDAY, October 9, 2015

Begin The Apprentice Program as soon as you’ve got interns hired!

*What’s better is…if you hire a SEPA member as an intern in the Fall semester, you can use the PROMO CODE: SEPAsentME and get one free license for training with The Apprentice Program.  ($75/value) Must apply by 9/30/2015 and be used in the Fall 2015 semester.

Tip 3 – make it so great, they can’t ignore you

An integral  part of attracting the right interns is creating a really great internship write-up.  One that clearly lists out the responsibilities, expectations and the required qualifications you’re looking for from your interns.  This shows you’ve given it thought and really proving to the candidates you attract that this internship opportunity is NOT one where they’ll be fetching coffee and pushing paper around.

This is a chance for them to apprentice under your wing, learning the ins and outs of wedding planning and gain real-world, hand-on experience at your client weddings.

And here’s the best part…consider this your early birthday present. Email us and we’ll send you a FREE copy of The Simplifiers’ internship write-up: 

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Please feel free to take this version and make it your own…copy, edit, cut/paste and use it as your template.  Make sure to adjust the “Responsibilities” and “Requirements” sections to fit the needs of your firm and who you’d like to attract, specifically.

Poof, I just made your life easier…no need to recreate the wheel.

The application window is now officially open for the Fall Class of 2015 of The Apprentice Program.  I promise, you’re one step closer to having a fall you’ll never forget!  If your firm is ready to take your existing internship program to the next level, apply today to be considered.  Deadline is rapidly approaching!

You can do it and I look forward to working with you soon.



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