The weird tip that helps you get stuff done

Lately, we’ve been talking all about how superheroes combat stress and anxiety.

Because…busy season.

(Enough said.  Can I get an AMEN?)

Here’s another tip that’s sure to help on those especially intense and stressful days…go with me here for a second.


We’re going to tell you to talk to yourself.

And here’s why…This tip is inspired by the hugely successful #girlboss and YouTuber, Superwoman Lilly Singh. If you watch her vlog channel like I do, you’ll see how busy she is attending meetings and juggling multiple projects on a daily basis.

So, how does talking to yourself help you get things done?

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by your workload and to-do list, take a minute to stop and breathe. Collect your thoughts and tell yourself what you’re going to do, in order, step by step.

Even superheroes need a pep talk, every now and again.

Say it all out loud and as you talk through the steps, visualize yourself completing each one enthusiastically and successfully.

For example: “I’m going to take three deep breathes, then, I’m going to work through my emails one by one calmly and quickly. Next I’m going to call that caterer and find out if we can increase the headcount. Then, I’m going to drive over to my client’s office and walk into that meeting with confidence. I’m going to smile and be friendly and present the best pitch ever. They’re going to love it and be super impressed.”

You are the hero of your own story.

If you sometimes find yourself in the trap of negative self-talk, squash it with this tip.  Stand up, stretch, change your scenery for five minutes and talk yourself through it all.  Try this trick out whenever you need to shake your anxiety and take back control – Trust me and Superwoman – it works!

And yes, you really do have to say it all out loud….

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