The Apprentice Program – how it works

Over the last few months, we’ve seen wedding planners all over the US train their interns using The Apprentice Program and the results are EXCITING!   You guys are upping your game as a mentor and transforming your interns into apprentices who truly think fast on their feet.  #highfive

“With The Apprentice Program, I feel confident that my team understands the vision of my company and will represent me and my firm the same way I would.” ~ Michele at Modish Productions

And what’s more important than having a team you can confidently trust?

That’s one of the hardest things to accomplish as a small business owner.  Finding the right people to put on the bus and then get them up to speed quickly with how your firm plans & designs events and fast.

But, just how does it work?

The Apprentice Program is simple.

(as you would expect from The Simplifiers)

a 6-week onboarding training solution, which includes:

  • weekly video sessions – to watch together and spark better learning moments and team discussions

  • homework missions – to help interns apply what they learn

  • intern report cards – to share feedback and track their progress

  • insider tips – to help you become a better mentor

“Wow! I never realized how many little details make up a wedding. I certainly learned how to think fast on my feet and complete tasks in a timely manner.”  ~ Shirin Farahani, apprentice for 11:11 Events

So, let’s break that down.

weekly video sessions

We call these “spark” videos because they spark great conversations between you and your interns, as they learn from you exactly how your firm plans events.  In just one hour per week, you watch these videos together, train them on the topic at hand and run thru the “think fast” scenarios, seeing how they would handle a tricky real-life situation with a client, related to that topic and share your insight.

“It opens the doors for some great conversations with your mentor. I gained more knowledge on creating a budget and was really glad that was one of the assignments.” ~ Kristi Metcalf, apprentice for Hot Dot Events

homework missions

Every week, your interns get assigned a homework mission, so they can practice what they’ve learned from you, whether it’s creating a mood board or a planning timeline or maybe a social media marketing plan for how your firm uses Instagram or a clever way to memorize this weekend’s bridal party.

This gives them that tangible hands-on experience they so desperately want without any risk on your side.  We all know there’s only so much you can learn about event planning by reading/watching, you just gotta do it.

“The structure was awesome! I liked having assignments every week and talking about them the next week. I loved that it opened up Michele to talk about certain things that she might not have normally talked about. That opened up many learning opportunities. ~ Savannah Hughes, apprentice for Modish Productions

intern report cards

Studies show that Millennials crave constructive feedback and guidance from their supervisors.  Finally, here’s an easy tool that’ll help you do it.

Every week, their homework gets graded and interns can track their learning journey, unlocking future modules as they achieve each milestone.  Simple, elegant and a great motivator, these report cards are a way for you to praise their triumphs and quickly course-correct their challenges.

insider tips

We are there for you every step of the way, helping you become a GREAT mentor.

It just takes five minutes every week to prep, sharing a CEO video brief every week on the topic and a course outline.  Easy.

We also share insights on how to empower Millennials in the modern-day workplace, how they learn best and how you can facilitate better team discussions.  This results in a team that thinks fast and moves faster.

Being a mentor in the events industry has never been simpler.

“The Apprentice Program helped us prep our interns for working weddings and attending vendor meetings with us!” ~ Susannah Joy Mikulin at 11:11 Events

So, let’s get started, shall we?

There’s still time to sign-up for The Apprentice Program this semester.  It’s simply $75/intern to unlock access to the six-week training program and it’ll help you better comply with the US Department of Labor regulations on training interns.  No time to lose…click here to apply today.

Let’s do this.

“I think it is a fabulous program and I would suggest it to others!” ~ Amanda Ervin at 11:11 Events

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