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The importance of being a mentor

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Mentors come in all shapes and sizes.

To explain the different types of mentors, as well as helping you decide which type YOU want to be, I’m going to use the story of The Lion King.

[For those who haven’t seen it: the story goes that Simba (baby lion cub) is cast out of the pride by his evil uncle (Scar), then gets looked after by a fun-loving meerkat and warthog duo (Timon and Pumbaa) and Simba has an incredible bond with his loving father (Mufasa)].

In life, you might get the fun Timon and Pumbaa double act, a wise Rafiki or you might hit the jackpot and get a Mufasa. Like Simba, we tend to have different mentors at different points of our lives. Some come and go while others might stay around forever.

But we always need one.


And we should always mentor others, too. Both mentor and mentee have a lot to gain from each other. If a balance is kept, then things go well and flow naturally – it’s the circle of life! {CUE THE MUSIC!} But if the mentor/mentee relationship is bad, things can go wrong for everyone.

Here are some examples from my own life to show you why your relationship with your own mentors and mentees have a huge impact on your business…

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