weekly team meeting

Quick Tip: set a weekly team/training meeting.

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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears…

We’re about to head into the busy Fall wedding season.  No surprises there.  However, this season, how about trying something a little bit different?

QUICK TIP: set a weekly team/training meeting.

now there's an ALL-STAR team!

now there’s an ALL-STAR team!


We polled our followers of wedding planners across the US and were surprised to find out that…

…over 60% of ya’ll don’t have weekly team meetings!  WHOA.

…after getting over the initial shock of those findings, I thought about it a bit.  And of course, it makes sense.  If you’re used to being a 1-gal show, where everything begins and ends with you…duh. You’re not really having a weekly meeting with yourself.

But wait…something’s changed.

You’ve grown.

You’re taking on bigger weddings and booking more clients.

You’ve decided to hire interns this semester.

Things just. got. REAL.

Time to put a little structure into your game…here’s how to do it:

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