How to Attract the RIGHT Clients For You.

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stop, pause, let’s have a heart-to-heart moment here.

QUESTION: what does your portfolio say about you as a wedding planner and the types of clients your firm works with?

Brides hire you because of the photos in your portfolio.

So in essence, the couples you are working with today, dictate the couples you’ll work with in about a year from now.  Therefore, in order to produce the very best weddings possible, you need to make sure you’re attracting the right clients, right from the get-go.

I know. It’s not always easy to say NO to a prospective client, especially when you’re just starting out in your business and/or wanting to build your portfolio.

But how do you find your ideal client?  And who are they, anyway?  Check out our expert tips below to help make sure you AND your clients are as perfect a match as they are for each other…

st mary's cathedral

photo credit: Seize the Day Photography, wedding planner: The Simplifiers

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An Intern’s POV: What We REALLY Want From Internships

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In our other ‘An Intern’s POV’ blog posts, we’ve looked at how eLearning fares against training on-the-fly, as well as the most frustrating parts of being an intern.

Today, I’m going to let you in on a secret: what we, as interns, REALLY want from internships.

… And why we (not me, of course…but um, others) sometimes flake out of internships halfway thru.

members of SEPA - Student Event Planners Association; image credit: SEPA

members of SEPA – Student Event Planners Association; image credit: SEPA

FACT: to get the best out of your interns, they need to love what they do.

And to make sure they love what they do, you need to read on…

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An Intern’s POV: eLearning vs. Training-on-the-Fly

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Hi guys, Chloe here…Marketing Intern for The Apprentice Program.

As a millennial, I have grown up with technology my entire life and experienced a range of teaching methods, from supervisors who just delivered training-on-the-fly to the traditional methods of classroom teaching to eLearning (aka online learning + blended learning).

It’s not always possible to have a structured training schedule in place when things are so busy at work.

As an intern, I get that.

BUT…by looking at things from our POV, you as a wedding planner (and our mentor) would you believe there’s a better way out there to train and engage your millennial interns, that’ll actually save you time in the long run?

Crazy, I know…but read on.

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Tips for Motivating Unpaid Interns

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Wedding planners, you know as well as we do how beneficial it is to have interns on your team.  They help you:

  • multiply your efforts
  • bring new and fresh ideas to the table
  • are a great way to give back to the events industry by mentoring the next generation of planners.
  • …and well, we’ve also explained why they’re NOT a pain in the ass.

Most times, interns for wedding planning firms are unpaid…so if they aren’t doing it for the money, why do they stick around?   What motivates them?

Don’t worry though, your superhero friends over at The Apprentice Program can answer these questions!

Check out our tips on motivating your interns, that’ll ensure your team is firing on all cylinders and helping you produce more weddings like this…

Horseshoe Bay & Resort wedding

photo credit: Matt Montalvo Photography, wedding planner: The Simplifiers

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