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can interns really learn outside of the event itself?

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I know a lot of interns get by just training on-the-fly while on-site at weddings.  In the rush and adrenaline of setting up the event, then running it and later breakdown, they try to pick things up as they go along…

But is there a better way?

(psst… the answer is YES.)

Because let’s face it…when you’re on-site at your client’s weddings, that’s the LAST place you have time to truly slow down and train your team.  We believe that a good mix of hands-on experience and online training during the week, mixed with learn-on-the-job on-site at the event is the way to go.  We transform your interns into SUPERHERO apprentices, giving them the prep they need to help you create magical weddings like this:

the simplifiers wedding wildflower center

photo credit: MH Photography, wedding planner: The Simplifiers

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