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3 tips to go from intern to dream job

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Working as a volunteer or intern can open up doors and lead you onto bigger and better things – but you have to impress first.

We’ve got 3 tips to get you noticed and help you climb that ladder to your dream job.

As a student, I managed to make it from publicity volunteer to event intern before taking on senior event planner roles and eventually got my dream job after graduation.

So, how did I do it?

dream job

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3 tips for managing event interns + volunteers

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What do you do when you need to produce a large-scale event and know you really need to work with event volunteers to make it all happen?

A) do you give up and turn down a lucrative client?  (uhhh, no!)

B) do you try to do it all yourself?  (who, ME?!!)


C) do you take on event interns and volunteers to help fill out your team?

You might think it’s more risk and stress than it’s worth but trust me – I’ve been there!


To make sure your event is a success, follow my 3 top tips about bringing on volunteers and interns and what I’ve learned over time of what they need from you as their manager and mentor.


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7 ways to become a super connector

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Do you know one of those people who seems to be connected to everyone?

That person with an address book stuffed full of valuable contacts who always has someone they can count on to help them in any situation? People love and value connectors not only because they’re friendly and popular but because they help others find opportunities and introduce individuals who otherwise may never have met. They’re also the types of people that just seem to find it easy to meet and book new clients and get contracts.

want to be more like them?


You might think that these people were just born with the skills to make friends and influence people but trust me, it takes practice – follow our tips and you can learn how to be a super connector, too…

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don’t give up! #productivityplaylist

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So, you’re about halfway to completing your most important task of the day.

You’re exhausted. You’re brain dead. 

And most importantly, the coffee machine has run dry.

It’s coming up on 5 o’clock and it’s just about time to throw in the towel.
Ever felt like this? Us too.

So, we built a playlist for that.

music productivity

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be SMART – steps we’re taking to make the most of 2016

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Hello springtime!  Time to check-in on those New Year’s resolutions and annual company goals you’ve set.  Have you stayed strong and made progress in first quarter?  We recommended some apps to help you all keep your personal goals in check, but consistently meeting your business goals can be a very different task.

So today, we’re sharing with you the SMART way that The Simplifiers set targets for each quarter. This is a tool that will help your firm monitor and measure your success and of course, hit those all important goals!

but first, some encouragement.

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