4 tips to attract superhero interns

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We all want to work with GREAT people.

I mean, really…who wants to surround themselves with anything less?

The truth is, your prospective interns are competing against each other to get a position within your company, but keep in mind, you too are competing against hundreds (if not thousands) of other companies to get the top picks in your city, both inside and outside the events industry.

How do you make sure that you get the best applicants competing for a place at your firm?  Click below and learn our top 4 tips to attracting superhero candidates to your internship program.woman-801872_1920

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3 ways to handle information overload

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There’s so much unwanted noise buzzing around in day-to-day life – too many darn distractions!

With constant stream of data at our fingertips and the ability to ask anything and get answers instantly,  it’s easy to find yourself swamped and sidetracked.

We’re one push notification away from a mental breakdown.


So how do you calm the noise and keep yourself from getting overwhelmed? Well, here are a few suggestions…

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7 ways to become a super connector

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Do you know one of those people who seems to be connected to everyone?

That person with an address book stuffed full of valuable contacts who always has someone they can count on to help them in any situation? People love and value connectors not only because they’re friendly and popular but because they help others find opportunities and introduce individuals who otherwise may never have met. They’re also the types of people that just seem to find it easy to meet and book new clients and get contracts.

want to be more like them?


You might think that these people were just born with the skills to make friends and influence people but trust me, it takes practice – follow our tips and you can learn how to be a super connector, too…

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Meet our backers! Erica Prewett – A Big To Do Event

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Today, we talk to one of our backers from the Kickstarter campaign – Erica Prewett, CSEP – CEO of A Big To Do Event and current 2015-16 chapter president for the International Special Events Society, Atlanta chapter.

By supporting our campaign, Erica is joining us on our mission to revolutionize intern training:

We want to STOP horrible internships, for mentors and interns alike!

She’s been in the business of creating live events since 1999.  Organizations such as IBM, AmeriCorps, Habitat for Humanity, United Way of Mississippi as well as hundreds of brides and families have experienced stress-free weddings, social and corporate events because of this Checklist Queen.

We find out her best life hacks, insider tips for planning events and she will reveal the biggest reason she decided to back The Apprentice Program by The Simplifiers!

erica prewett A Big to Do Event

“I believe that the more of us support each other, the best ideas will come to fruition.” ~Erica Prewett, CSEP – A Big to Do Event, Atlanta, GA

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don’t miss this weekend’s raffle on Kickstarter!

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[EDIT, as of 7:40pm CST – Jan 22, 2016] $3986 raised, 39% funded, 48 backers, 19 days to go

(click here to check out the Kickstarter)

thank you to our recent backers…

• Cindy LoRed Velvet Events – prominent corporate event planning team based in Austin, Texas

• Martin Holm MortensenAccelerace (Denmark business accelerator) – entrepreneur & investor

• Aubri NowowiejskiStudent Event Planners Association (SEPA) – founder and advocate for student event interns in the US

MENTORS, STUDENTS, ENTREPRENEURS, all believe in The Apprentice Program!

Earlier this week, I spoke at the RSA (Royal Society of Arts) with 80 educators and at Nott Tuesday, a room of about 60 tech entrepreneurs this week, revealing details about The Apprentice Program and our Kickstarter…and then, a light bulb went on.

We are UBER for online education.

The Apprentice Program is a crowd-sourced social network for information sharing, both for mentors and interns to TAP into a global network of training resources.

BIG NEWS! we’re running a raffle this weekend.

…everyone who backs our project within the next 48 hours, will be entered into a raffle where you could get bumped up to the next backer level without an increase in pledge $$.
So, if you back us at the $50 level, you could potentially win the LIFETIME access rewards of the $100 level!
If you’ve been on the fence, thinking about backing our project…

…now is the time to pledge!

This raffle ends at 11:59pm PST on Sunday, Jan 24th and we’ll pick 5 winners from the people that pledge between now and then.

Tell your friends, share it with the world…with your help, we aim to be 100% funded by Monday.

And remember, if we don’t hit our $10k goal, we don’t get ANY of the money you’ve helped us raise so far…so, thank you for sharing this far and wide on your Facebook page, twitter and beyond.

And thank you for supporting The Simplifiers and joining the Intern Manifesto.

Together, we will STOP horrible internships by building the platform that helps mentors train their interns! 

Click here to check out the Kickstarter