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8 ways to get an energy boost without caffeine

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Are you finding that your 3 cups of coffees are leaving your nerves a bit frayed at the edges?  Sing it, sister…me too.

Today, give your adrenal glands a break by going caffeine-free.  Yes, you heard me right…step away from the coffee machine, just for one day, 24 hours…and see if it works for you.


Here are 8 super simple tips that’ll give you a caffeine-free energy boost, so you can blast through your to-do list like a superhero. An un-caffeinated one. Read More

music for creating risk management plans #productivityplaylist

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A good event planner designs epic events that tantalize all five senses.

However, a GREAT event planner does that and also puts together a detailed risk management plan to minimize the what-ifs…

What if there’s a huge storm that wasn’t forecast?

What if loads of unexpected family turn up?

What if there’s an accident like an injury or fire?

Our clients hire us to come up with contingency plans for all known (and unknown!) risks that could occur at their events.  This type of detailed planning requires a particular type of concentration…and MUSIC!


So, we’ve created the perfect playlist to help with one of the most crucial parts of event planning, guaranteed to make sure you can save the day, just like a true superhero!

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music for creating planning timelines #productivityplaylist

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Creating planning timelines can be super stressful…keeping in mind all the little details, trying to map out all the major milestones of the planning process, attempting to minimize any surprises or risks.

You’ve got a lot riding on them (after all, they help you keep the client and YOU on track and on time) – one slip up and all hell could break loose!

So, what happens when it’s the eleventh hour and you find yourself losing focus and concentration?

The answer is… tune into The Simplifiers’ #productivityplaylist and this music will help you focus and blast thru creating this planning document.


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creating production schedules? no prob! #productivityplaylist

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Sometimes, it’s hard to find the perfect music to motivate you AND help you to concentrate at the same time.

We find it’s so important to get the balance of upbeat, but not distracting when you’re working on left-brain tasks… something that requires you to think systematically and logically.

Therefore, we’ve put together a playlist for all project managers and event planners who are working on production schedules, trying to coordinate the who, what, where, when and how!


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music to help you hit deadlines #productivityplaylist

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Distractions. They’re everywhere.

Facebook, Twitter, Insta, food, the dog…the list goes on.

You have a looming deadline you’ve got to hit by 5pm, your inbox just hit 200+ new emails and you’ve barely completed the first item on your to do list.

Sound familiar?

Woosh, The Simplifiers to the rescue!


We’ve created a playlist to help you stay focused and GSD when you’ve got a deadline to hit.

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