3 ways to handle information overload

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There’s so much unwanted noise buzzing around in day-to-day life – too many darn distractions!

With constant stream of data at our fingertips and the ability to ask anything and get answers instantly,  it’s easy to find yourself swamped and sidetracked.

We’re one push notification away from a mental breakdown.


So how do you calm the noise and keep yourself from getting overwhelmed? Well, here are a few suggestions…

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music for creating risk management plans #productivityplaylist

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A good event planner designs epic events that tantalize all five senses.

However, a GREAT event planner does that and also puts together a detailed risk management plan to minimize the what-ifs…

What if there’s a huge storm that wasn’t forecast?

What if loads of unexpected family turn up?

What if there’s an accident like an injury or fire?

Our clients hire us to come up with contingency plans for all known (and unknown!) risks that could occur at their events.  This type of detailed planning requires a particular type of concentration…and MUSIC!


So, we’ve created the perfect playlist to help with one of the most crucial parts of event planning, guaranteed to make sure you can save the day, just like a true superhero!

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creating production schedules? no prob! #productivityplaylist

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Sometimes, it’s hard to find the perfect music to motivate you AND help you to concentrate at the same time.

We find it’s so important to get the balance of upbeat, but not distracting when you’re working on left-brain tasks… something that requires you to think systematically and logically.

Therefore, we’ve put together a playlist for all project managers and event planners who are working on production schedules, trying to coordinate the who, what, where, when and how!


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#productivityplaylist – motivation for your emails + spreadsheets

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Now, I’m sure we’re all read one article or another which tells us the classical music is the answer to all our problems. Whether it’s getting stuff done, getting up, going to sleep, improving your intelligence… the list goes ON.

Well. What if you don’t like classical music? Does this mean you’re doomed to a life of  unproductive, sleepless days?

Worry not, friends! Because if like us, you’d rather listen to Beyonce then Bach, we have good news…

music productivity

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