set your interns up for success…in two words.

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Worried about hiring interns and having to babysit them?


Ever had to keep correcting an intern’s work because they just didn’t know how you do things in your firm?

We have the solution.


Either on an intern’s first day or an introductory visit before they officially start, you need to sit down with them and explain what you expect from them.  There’s a few key questions you need to ask and answer in the beginning…

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5 tips for handling tricky HR problems when you don’t have a HR department

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Some HR problems are universal regardless of the size of your firm.

But what if you don’t have a dedicated HR team to take care of these difficult issues for you? Many event planning firms have 5 employees or less.  No Operations Manager…No HR person. (sound familiar?)


Well, this one is for you…here’s 5 tips to make your life easier when dealing with tricky HR situations with your employees and interns. Read More

how to spot potential in new hires

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The Simplifiers team is made up of undercover superheroes.

We’re a diverse group of talent, drive, creativity and ambition…and we each have hidden talents that help us SHINE in our various roles on the team.


But how do you spot these hidden heroes?

We’ve put together a list of our top 6 tips for finding diamonds in the rough when scouting out new talent for your event team. Read More

The importance of being a mentor

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Mentors come in all shapes and sizes.

To explain the different types of mentors, as well as helping you decide which type YOU want to be, I’m going to use the story of The Lion King.

[For those who haven’t seen it: the story goes that Simba (baby lion cub) is cast out of the pride by his evil uncle (Scar), then gets looked after by a fun-loving meerkat and warthog duo (Timon and Pumbaa) and Simba has an incredible bond with his loving father (Mufasa)].

In life, you might get the fun Timon and Pumbaa double act, a wise Rafiki or you might hit the jackpot and get a Mufasa. Like Simba, we tend to have different mentors at different points of our lives. Some come and go while others might stay around forever.

But we always need one.


And we should always mentor others, too. Both mentor and mentee have a lot to gain from each other. If a balance is kept, then things go well and flow naturally – it’s the circle of life! {CUE THE MUSIC!} But if the mentor/mentee relationship is bad, things can go wrong for everyone.

Here are some examples from my own life to show you why your relationship with your own mentors and mentees have a huge impact on your business…

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Ways to Bridge the Workplace Generation Gap

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Let’s face it, working with millennial interns can sometimes be pretty tricky if there’s a generational gap between you both.

Studies show, that generational gaps can cause conflict in the workplace, especially now that more and more millennials are joining the workforce than ever before, while a growing number of baby boomers are retiring later and later in life.

It can cause problems when you and your intern have differing attitudes towards many aspects of life and work.

BUT…when managed effectively, you can combine decades worth of wisdom with the tech-savvy skills that millennials can offer. Here’s how…

image credit: Elance- oDesk

image credit: Elance- oDesk

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