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Mentor POV #2 India @ Wilkinson Rhodes

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We kicked off our Mentor POV blog series last week, hearing some insights from Becky Navarro @ Pearl Events Austin.

This week we’re carrying on the series to help you guys become the best at mentoring your interns. We’re finding out what insider secrets these great mentors use when training their interns, so you can use them too!

We’ve spoken to another pro wedding planner, India Rhodes, head of the Dallas, Texas office of Wilkinson Rhodes so she can divulge her top tips for intern training…

India Rhodes Wilkinson Rhodes

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Mentor POV #1 Becky @ Pearl Events Austin

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You may have seen our Apprentice Case Study blog posts, each week focusing on a different intern and what they learned from our eLearning intern training solution, The Apprentice Program.

Now, we’re switching it up.

We want to hear from the best of the best wedding planners in the US, who we know have a reputation to being a great mentor for others in the event industry.  They go above and beyond when teaching their interns about wedding planning and the ins-and-outs of their business.

Today, we are hearing from Becky Navarro, founder of Pearl Events Austin, to hear her insights and insider secrets…


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