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case study: Chancey Charm

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The Apprentice Program Success Stories – Chancey Charm

Want to know exactly how The Apprentice Program has already helped firms take their intern training to the next level?

We caught up with Marilisa Schachinger from Chancey Charm, one of the country’s TOP internship programs in the wedding industry, and one of her recent interns, Skylar Albritton, to find out what they’ve gained from joining The Apprentice Program and utilizing our training tools.

We love how they’ve easily incorporated The Apprentice Program into their existing Associate Planner Training/Internship Program!


Marilisa Schachinger – mentor @ Chancey Charm

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3 tips to go from intern to dream job

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Working as a volunteer or intern can open up doors and lead you onto bigger and better things – but you have to impress first.

We’ve got 3 tips to get you noticed and help you climb that ladder to your dream job.

As a student, I managed to make it from publicity volunteer to event intern before taking on senior event planner roles and eventually got my dream job after graduation.

So, how did I do it?

dream job

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An Intern’s POV: Frustrating Things About My Job – part two

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FACT: Everything would be a lot easier if you could read your interns’ minds.

You could see what things they’re struggling to complete, instead watching them suffer in silence. What bright ideas they have, but are too scared to speak up.

photo credit: jeff sheldon, source: unsplash

photo credit: jeff sheldon, source: unsplash

Unfortunately mind-reading isn’t real, but this is the next best thing…

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