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why hire interns? what do I get?

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Ahh yes, the age old question…

Why hire interns?

Well, quite simply, we call that WII-FM…or:

“What’s In It For Me?”

An absolutely valid question and to be quite frank, not everyone is built to be a mentor.  You’ve got to have a passion for education and love watching people you work with grow and morph into a great event planner because of your influence and training.

And sure, I’m sure if you’ve ever hired an intern who turned out to be a bit of a dud or was constantly checking Facebook, or heaven-forbid, was 20 minutes late to work every morning, you might be thinking: NOPE.  No thanks.

No, no, I totally get it.

But take a moment and hear us out…this is why we think that interns are WORTH taking the risk…


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