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how’s it going so far? –> FALL 2015 PROMO CODE!

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(Just a little less than 12 more hours to go to take advantage of the PROMO CODE listed below…don’t miss the boat, applications are rolling in now!)


The Fall semester has officially kicked into full gear…oh yes, fall wedding season is upon us like pumpkin spice and we all know nothing is going to slow down until January.

So, how’s it going so far?

image credit: Rodion Kutsaev

image credit: Rodion Kutsaev


  • how are your interns doing?
  • have you had a chance to pull together your full training program for them?
  • are they doing as well as you had hoped?
  • could you use a little (superhero) help?


  • how is your internship going so far?
  • is it what you expected?
  • are you getting the training you were hoping for?
  • …let’s be real…does your boss/mentor need a little (superhero) help?

Not so great, eh?  It’s okay if you things aren’t quite stacking up like you hoped…we’ve got your back.

Wedding Planners:

…there’s still time to sign-up and unlock access to The Apprentice Program training tools and curriculum…why waste another second trying to pull together a complete lesson plan or somehow fly by the seat of your pants to train your team when you’re already strapped for time, as is?


There’s a better way.

We provide six-weeks of:

  • spark videos –  to spark better training between you and your interns
  • homework missions – gives your interns the chance to apply what they’ve learned from you
  • intern report cards – give them the feedback they crave
  • mentor support – we teach you how to be a better mentor


…nudge your mentor and tell them about The Apprentice Program!


If you tell them about our training solution and they sign-up before September 30, 2015 using this promo code: MYinternSENTme, we’ll give them one free license to train you during your Fall 2015 internship (that’s a $2000 value, holy WOW!)*

You just saved your boss $2000 and a whole bunch of time…you’re gonna look like a total HERO. #highfive

You’ve got 1 day left, folks.

Let’s do this.




~your Undercover Superhero




*Must apply by 11:59pm PST on September 30, 2015 to receive one free license for The Apprentice Program to be used by December 31, 2015.  All additional intern licenses are $75 per intern USD.  Training program is valued at $2000 per license and sold at $75/each.  Non-transferable, no cash value.