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Apprentice Case Study #8 – Jenny Du

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It’s been awhile… but we’re BACK!  We’ve been busy bees, working with our clients this Fall, helping them train their teams with our superhero tools.

It’s time once again to shine the spotlight on one of our superstar past apprentices to see her insight of what she really gained from completing The Apprentice Program.

This week, we feature Jenny!

Jenny Du, Fall 2011 Apprentice

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Ways to Bridge the Workplace Generation Gap

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Let’s face it, working with millennial interns can sometimes be pretty tricky if there’s a generational gap between you both.

Studies show, that generational gaps can cause conflict in the workplace, especially now that more and more millennials are joining the workforce than ever before, while a growing number of baby boomers are retiring later and later in life.

It can cause problems when you and your intern have differing attitudes towards many aspects of life and work.

BUT…when managed effectively, you can combine decades worth of wisdom with the tech-savvy skills that millennials can offer. Here’s how…

image credit: Elance- oDesk

image credit: Elance- oDesk

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