Apprentice Case Study

Apprentice Case Study #6 – Jordan Adams

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Over the years, we’ve mentored over 70 interns thru The Apprentice Program, giving each and every one their very own superpowers by teaching them tangible skills in event planning.

In this week’s Apprentice Case Study, we’ve spoken to former apprentice Jordan Adams to see exactly how the program helped her build skills and boost her career.

Read on to find out more about how The Apprentice Program contributed to her success as an event planner, taking the event industry by storm…
jordan adams

Jordan, Summer 2012 apprentice

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Apprentice Case Study #2 – Christine Garcia

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So you’ve heard us talking about the 70+ apprentices who we’ve mentored thru The Apprentice Program over the years…

A few weeks ago we spoke with Aubrey Jones – intern turned superhero apprentice – who found that The Apprentice Program helped her develop skills that she still utilizes to this day!

For this week’s Apprentice Case Study, we had a chat with Christine Garcia, an apprentice from Summer 2009, to see what she thought of the program.
Christine Garcia headshot

Christine Garcia

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