SEO and Social Media: A Marriage Made in Heaven

When it comes to marketing your wedding planning services, what should you focus more time on:  SEO OR social media?


In fact, the best online marketing campaigns utilize all available tools, using both social media and SEO to help them achieve more traffic to their websites and blogs.

Take 60-seconds and read below to learn a few important things about SEO and social media…and soon, your firm will be booking more brides like this…

Austin ranch wedding

photo credit: Nadine Photography, wedding planner: The Simplifiers

Here’s how…

Now you understand the basics of how SEO can help you book more brides, as well as how to use links to boost your SEO and obviously, you know how important social media can be.

here’s the jist:

  1. If users on social networking sites share your content, they are promoting your site! More and more people will see your page thanks to them.
  2. If brides are sharing your content on social media, search engines – like Google and Bing – will recognize your content as being ‘talked’ about. This increases your site’s trustworthiness and relevancy, moving it up to the top in the search rankings.
  3. Social media are often used as search engines too! This is a factor which is often overlooked, but more and more companies who focus on delivering a visual product (i.e. wedding planners) find that brides are searching “(your city) wedding planner” on places like Instagram and Pinterest thru image search and/or hashtags. If a bride sees something they like on one of your social media accounts, it’s likely they’ll click-thru and take a look at your website…and BOOM, this targeted traffic boosts your SEO!
So you can see that the two are very much interlinked.

To help you on your way to getting your content shared across social media, here are a few of our top tips:

  • Track your efforts

    Whatever your goal is, it’s important to measure and analyze your efforts so you can see what content is working well and what isn’t. In this way, it’s easier to ‘give the people want they want’ as you know what they want! Creating more popular content will result in more of your content getting shared.  Track your campaigns using Google Analytics.

    Ask every bride that calls you, “how did you hear about us?”

  • Grow your following

    This sounds obvious, but the more people that follow your firm on social media, you the more users there are to share your content! Increasing your number of followers is a slow process, though is effective if you are consistent with the content you’re producing.  Search for your target demographic using hashtags.

    Follow EVERY bride’s wedding Pinterest board that calls/emails you.  They’ll get excited that you’re following them!

  • #HASHTAGSwork

    Your content will only start to get noticed by new users if you allow it to be found. By including relevant hashtags in all your social  media posts, it allows your posts to be found by anyone, including prospective clients!  (note: Facebook isn’t really as hashtag friendly as the others…don’t copy/paste your posts across several platforms.  Try to mix up your message on all of them.)




But REMEMBER – Social media is a marathon not a sprint so make sure you have a plan in place,  ensuring you don’t give up after the first month or so!

And your interns and apprentices can help you with your social media efforts.  Don’t forget, they might be experts in the room at your firm.

If you persevere following these simple tips, your social media will improve your SEO, increasing your exposure and help you book more weddings!

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