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A good event planner designs epic events that tantalize all five senses.

However, a GREAT event planner does that and also puts together a detailed risk management plan to minimize the what-ifs…

What if there’s a huge storm that wasn’t forecast?

What if loads of unexpected family turn up?

What if there’s an accident like an injury or fire?

Our clients hire us to come up with contingency plans for all known (and unknown!) risks that could occur at their events.  This type of detailed planning requires a particular type of concentration…and MUSIC!


So, we’ve created the perfect playlist to help with one of the most crucial parts of event planning, guaranteed to make sure you can save the day, just like a true superhero!

Studies show in our previous #productivityplaylist blog posts that listening to music while planning events will help you better concentrate and get things done.

When putting together detailed risk management plans, we like to listen to chilled-out, jazzy songs to focus and ensure you come up with great solutions to potential disasters that could occur.

music to boost productivity: risk management

What do you listen to to keep calm and focused at work? Let us know in the comments below!

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