Quick Tip: stop enduring.

Happy Labor day, friends!

Hoping you are taking the day off, having a quiet afternoon with your favorite book. Or maybe you’re relaxing poolside with a margarita in one hand and your iPad in another, catching up on all the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt episodes on Netflix. Either sound good to me!

photo credit: curious bino (unsplash)

photo credit: curious bino (unsplash)

Talking about unbreakable…I just wanted to plant this little seed in your mind to ponder today, of all days.

QUESTION: what are you enduring in your life right now?

What things are broken and you just haven’t had time (or energy or money or whatever) to fix it?  Whether it’s an annoying bra strap you’ve been meaning to (light on fire and) replace or a system/process at your office that simply drives you CRA-CRA (jeez, why DO we do it that way, still?!?!! ACK!)…whatever it is, what truly needs fixing in your life right now?

Write it down.

And then put that list away…just for today.  Your day off.  Your one and only day before the whirlwind of Fall wedding season begins.

And then tomorrow…you fix it.

Pinky promise?

Let’s do this.

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