Quick Tip: set a weekly team/training meeting.

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears…

We’re about to head into the busy Fall wedding season.  No surprises there.  However, this season, how about trying something a little bit different?

QUICK TIP: set a weekly team/training meeting.

now there's an ALL-STAR team!

now there’s an ALL-STAR team!


We polled our followers of wedding planners across the US and were surprised to find out that…

…over 60% of ya’ll don’t have weekly team meetings!  WHOA.

…after getting over the initial shock of those findings, I thought about it a bit.  And of course, it makes sense.  If you’re used to being a 1-gal show, where everything begins and ends with you…duh. You’re not really having a weekly meeting with yourself.

But wait…something’s changed.

You’ve grown.

You’re taking on bigger weddings and booking more clients.

You’ve decided to hire interns this semester.

Things just. got. REAL.

Time to put a little structure into your game…here’s how to do it:

  1. Set your weekly team meetings for Monday mornings, 1 hour MAX.  (trust me here…no one is paying attention after 60 minutes)
  2. Make it the same bat time, on the same bat channel, every week, without fail.  So, if it’s set for Mondays from 10-11am, etch it in stone, tattoo it on your body and leave it there in your Google Calendar.  Why?  Because it creates a routine, a commitment for you and for your team to take seriously.
  3. Create an agenda.  Nothing fancy…just an handful of bullet points that you want to cover.  Here’s how we do ours:
    1. team training – watch The Apprentice Program training together, weekly + discuss
    2. new vendors – who reached out to us this week, what do they do?
    3. sales updates – quick update on leads in pipeline, around the table
    4. money owed to us – which clients have payments due this week, which are past-due
    5. major touchpoints / old business – client events happening this week, moments to ask for help on a particular project/client event
    6. new business – any new ideas, projects, challenges/concerns to bring to the team
  4. Stick to the agenda.  No seriously.  If it’s committee work, take it outside the team meeting.  Keep these weekly team meetings short, upbeat, full of great training and most importantly, on-time.  If something needs 1-on-1 attention, promise to look at it outside of the team meeting.
  5. Have someone take meeting minutes.  Keep track of what action items were discussed, deadlines for tasks to be completed and who’s responsible for those tasks.  Distribute immediately after the meeting.  A great task for an apprentice as they get better and better at taking meeting minutes.

Now that your firm is growing, you’ve got to have weekly team meetings to train your staff.  It’s a MUST-HAVE to sustain your growth and their professional development.

“Invest in people who invest in you.”

~the Alison Show

GOOD NEWS, there’s still time to sign-up for The Apprentice Program training curriculum for this semester!

Just apply here to gain access to our 6-week onboarding training, providing you with all the tools you need to train your interns about how your firm plans and designs weddings.  At just $75/intern, it’s worth the investment to provide your team with quality training.

Let’s do this.

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