#productivityplaylist – motivation for your emails + spreadsheets

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Now, I’m sure we’re all read one article or another which tells us the classical music is the answer to all our problems. Whether it’s getting stuff done, getting up, going to sleep, improving your intelligence… the list goes ON.

Well. What if you don’t like classical music? Does this mean you’re doomed to a life of  unproductive, sleepless days?

Worry not, friends! Because if like us, you’d rather listen to Beyonce then Bach, we have good news…

music productivity

Researchers at The University of Birmingham in England found that all music is effective at raising efficiency of repetitive tasks.

This means that if your day is filled with budgets and spreadsheets, you can listen to your fave tracks – whatever they may be! – without feeling guilty or like you’re getting sidetracked.

To help you out, we’ve put together a playlist of our fave motivational tracks for when we’re feeling weighed down with monotonous tasks that just have to get done!

So put it on and soon you might find you actually begin to ENJOY spreadsheets…

Watch out for future #productivityplaylists, designed to help you get stuff done! No matter what task is at hand…

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