Our Intern Manifesto.

We are on a superhero mission to STOP horrible internships.

In order to do this, both mentors and interns must take a stand to work together and join us in this revolution.

We have a duty to reshape how internship programs are administered by businesses and alter how interns are recognized and valued by the outside world.


We want to STOP the exploitation of interns, for good.

Together, we aim to succeed in this mission and in order to make this happen, we believe the following core values must be held true:

Interns deserve better.


  • Mentors have a responsibility to provide quality training to their interns, starting from day one. We are not encouraging 24/7 hand-holding or a need for constant, “helicopter-like” supervision. However, interns deserve to receive a set training system right from the start, which helps them gain a clear understanding on how your firm operates and onboard them easily. As a result, they are empowered to jump in and can actively participate as a part of your cohesive team.  No more “training-on-the-fly.”


  • Mentors, supply your interns with a clear, written job description that overviews their basic roles, responsibilities and any expectations you might have of them.
  • Mentors, get your interns involved. Give them the opportunity to shadow alongside you at client/vendor meetings and on-site at events.  Be an open book.  Don’t be afraid to show them the real, raw inner workings of how your business runs. You are cultivating future leaders in your industry…they need to see all aspects of what it takes to be a well-rounded entrepreneur and business person.


  • Mentors, entrust your interns with the opportunity to set out 3-5 goals they would like to achieve during their tenure with your firm. This will empower them to vocalize the skills and tasks where they wish to gain hands-on experience, assuming these goals are aligned with the position they’ve been hired for. Take the time to understand their individual needs and aspirations. Communication is the key to a successful intern-mentor relationship. Both parties are held accountable to these goals, ensuring every effort is made to achieve them.
  • Mentors, cultivate a company culture where your interns feel comfortable enough to ask for help, support and guidance where necessary. Make yourself approachable and available. A intern who is HEARD will quickly mature into a confident, engaged team member.
  • Mentors, develop your interns by sharing regular and specific feedback on their work, both positive (when earned) and/or constructive (when course correction is necessary). An internship is a learning environment where their learning journey is paramount. Growth and development stems from the mistakes that they make and fix.


  • Mentors, your interns are expected to fix their own mistakes.   Give support and advice, but more importantly, give them the opportunity to right their wrongs without you doing it for them. Remember, positive reinforcement (on what they’re doing right) works like a dream and will encourage further success and growth.


  • Mentors, lead by example. Get in the trenches, do the heavy lifting alongside your team.  No task is beneath you.  Cultivate a “we” environment.
  • Mentors, be calm, cool and collected, especially under pressure and make clear decisions.


  • Mentors, be open to the possibility of learning new things from your interns. Ask your interns for their opinions and advice. See reverse mentoring as an opportunity for your own continued learning.  You might be surprised at what the younger generation can teach you.


  • Mentors, never, EVER force your interns to fetch coffee or push paper around.   Those days are over. A harmonious internship is rooted in mutual respect as the strong foundation of the mentor-intern relationship.

Mentors deserve better.


  • Interns, in exchange for the incredible opportunity to develop your knowledge and skillset, you agree to be punctual, polished and professional at all times. Whether you are based in the office and/or on-site at a client’s event, you must be ready to try your best, go above and beyond in customer service and give your ALL each and every day.


  • Interns, read your job description fully.  Get it in writing.  Ask questions on any points that are unclear or that you don’t understand.
  • Interns, be proactive in identifying the next task that needs completion. Be a forward-thinker, take initiative. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand and volunteer for a project/task that might be slightly outside your comfort zone or skill set…this is all part of your learning experience.
  • Interns, be attentive and on-the-ball at all times when you are working. You might find your mentor has periods of being extremely busy and unable to respond to your questions immediately. No problem, keep a journal of important information and take notes on the training you have received, to review as reference.  Ask a fellow intern, accountability buddy and/or teammate for guidance if you are truly stuck.


  • Interns, you are expected to voice the 3-5 goals that you hope to achieve during your internship. In fact, this will help your mentor shape your experience and give your role personal direction. In exchange, your mentor expects you to remain fully committed throughout the full duration of your tenure…no dropping out. No flaking out.
  • Interns, try your best to accept constructive criticism graciously. Aim to see the positives behind what your mentor is saying! It demonstrates that your mentor genuinely wants you to succeed and is helping you course-correct these small errors before they become habitual. It also creates an opportunity for you to better yourself as a team member and you should always strive to be the very best intern you can possibly be. No matter what, there is ALWAYS room for improvement and a little humility.


  • Interns, the faster you own up to any mistakes you might have made, the faster you can dust yourself off, learn from the situation, fix it and move on.  Don’t be afraid…this is all part of the learning process.


  • Interns, learn from your mentor how to be calm, cool and collected, especially under pressure and make clear decisions.


  • Interns, in order to be entrusted with the bigger, more exciting tasks, you must show and demonstrate to your mentor that you understand the importance and necessity of the 100 million little everyday tasks that are necessary (by all team members) within this firm. All responsibilities deserve the same amount of effort and respect of importance from you. All of the tasks that you complete, however small or large, should be completed with impeccable pride, always.


  • Interns, you will find, over time working with your mentor, that a great mentor-intern relationship is rooted in mutual trust and respect.  One that fosters a company culture where job titles are not as important and every team member is valued.  Share your ideas at the next team brainstorming session or offer to reverse mentor and train the team on a specific topic you’re well-versed in, when appropriate.

Together, we can change how people view interns (in the events industry and beyond) for good, one internship at a time.

Join us, stand strong with us and be a part of the revolution.

Sign the Manifesto, make history with us…

Let’s do this.

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