music to help you hit deadlines #productivityplaylist

Distractions. They’re everywhere.

Facebook, Twitter, Insta, food, the dog…the list goes on.

You have a looming deadline you’ve got to hit by 5pm, your inbox just hit 200+ new emails and you’ve barely completed the first item on your to do list.

Sound familiar?

Woosh, The Simplifiers to the rescue!


We’ve created a playlist to help you stay focused and GSD when you’ve got a deadline to hit.

We all know that classical music is usually the go-to music genre when it comes to focus and concentration, but it’s not always everyone’s cup of tea.

As silly as it sounds, it turns out that actually, videogame soundtracks are best for when you need to just buckle down and keep the ball rolling.

This is because, Lifehacker points out, videogame music is “designed” to act as a repetitive background soundtrack that help you focus.

So, use this playlist whenever you need to get your brain in gear and help you hit your deadlines, like a hero!


What do you think of this playlist?

Leave a comment below and share your go-to song that helps you focus when deadlines are looming.

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