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Creating planning timelines can be super stressful…keeping in mind all the little details, trying to map out all the major milestones of the planning process, attempting to minimize any surprises or risks.

You’ve got a lot riding on them (after all, they help you keep the client and YOU on track and on time) – one slip up and all hell could break loose!

So, what happens when it’s the eleventh hour and you find yourself losing focus and concentration?

The answer is… tune into The Simplifiers’ #productivityplaylist and this music will help you focus and blast thru creating this planning document.


We know that music can be an awesome tool to help you work more effectively.

But, when it comes to tasks that require more brain power, finding that perfect playlist is not so easy.

Well, don’t sweat it. We’ve gotcha covered!

Business Insider reveals the best type of songs to listen to when brain power is needed are:

  • sounds of nature
  • songs without lyrics
  • songs with a specific tempo
  • songs that you enjoy

Taking this onboard, we’ve created a playlist to help give you a leg up and get your brain on top form for when you’re creating those pesky planning timelines.

Like this playlist?  Leave a comment below and share your favorite song that helps get you thru creating planning timelines.

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