Mentor POV #3 Johnell @ Clearly Classy Events

johnell-400x600We love featuring wedding planners who are doing big, BIG things in the events industry and this week’s #MentorPOV is from one you should watch: Johnell Huebner, Owner and Event Coordinator for Clearly Classy Events and current VP of Communications for the International Special Events Society ISES Austin chapter (…might I add, the 2014-15 Chapter of Year, woot, woot!)

Learn all about her top tips on being a mentor to interns and how she grew her business over the last 8 years and recently won TWO international Espirit Awards for her work (2015 – Best Social Event Under $75k USD + Best Team Effort $75-150k USD).


1) What is your name and your company?

Johnell Huebner of Clearly Classy Events

2) How did you first get involved in the wedding/events industry?

I was planning for non-profits.  I have always been a planner at heart, an opportunity came up to work with a venue and I jumped at it!  This was almost nine years ago.

3) What do you think are the most important skills you need as a mentor for wedding interns?

Patience, a system and a the true desire to educate.

4) On average, how many interns do you work with every semester?

2-4 interns

5) What tasks do you typically delegate to your interns?

In the beginning, it starts out with the less than desirable jobs, putting out linens, moving tables and chairs, setting up tables…as they get better and I can see that they are growing as coordinators, then we allow them to run toasts, dances, cake cutting, etc. 

6) What’s your very best life hack tip you’ve learned along the way as a wedding planner and/or as a small business owner?

My emergency kit is my life hack…I leave it in the back of my car and I have used that thing so many times when it wasn’t even related to an event!

Don’t get caught in a bind without an emergency kit…learn from Johnell how crucial it is to be prepared and have a system, not only as a wedding planner but also as a mentor for your interns.


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