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Hi Guys! My name’s Minder or you can call me Mindy. Today it’s my turn to tell you about me and my life with The Simplifiers.

I’ve also come up with a little playlist to share the kind of songs I listen to when I’m most productive.

Minder - meet the team


Minder Athwal


Nottingham – claim to fame – land of Robin Hood and the home of Wayne Manor from the last Batman Movie (aka Wollaton Hall)


Marketing Intern

How did you join The Simplifiers team?

In November 2015 , I was looking for new opportunities and decided to attend a networking event where I met Mary and a couple of the other Simplifiers. It felt like fate because it was the first proactive move I had made to make a change in my career and get back into event planning – I was not expecting it so happen so quickly!

What do you love most about working with The Simplifiers?

Probably Mary! (totally sucking up to the boss…) I love working with people who are interested in helping me gain experience and developing my skills. I also feel like my work makes a difference which is a big motivator.

Fave thing about working in the heart of Nottingham?

I love that our office is 30 seconds from a busy city centre street but it’s slightly hidden away, overlooking a quiet courtyard with shops, cafes and other offices. We’ve got the best of both worlds. There’s always something creative going on and new people to meet.

However, my most favorite thing would be that there are so many great places to grab a coffee and food around us. Not so good for my budget or waistline though especially because Mary has got me addicted to a place called Tortilla around the corner from us.

If could have a superhero power what would it be?

The ability to be in two places at once or clone myself. I’m guessing that’s a popular one with event planners!

What music do you listen to when you need to concentrate?

I start with something I can dance around to like Major Lazer, David Guetta and Justin Bieber (I hate to admit it but he’s got some really good songs out right now!). This just helps me get the restlessness out of my system and wakes me up a bit so I’m ready to focus.

Once I actually make a start on work, I avoid anything too distracting that makes me want to dance or sing along! You can check out my current playlist here 🙂

Also, sometimes I just search ‘productivity’ and see which playlists come up! For the last few days I’ve been listening to Barista Blend and Lifehacker Productivity: Beats.

I spend most of my time at The Simplifiers doing work related The Apprentice Program. I think it’s an awesome idea and encourage you all to get involved!

Our Kickstarter has gotten off to an awesome start so check it out and become part of The Simplifier family!


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