Life Hacks: Top Tips Using Trello To Boost Productivity

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Psst, have you heard about Trello yet?

It is a fantastic, easy to use app which will change your life…I realize that’s a bold statement there, but trust me here, it’s going to help you win back control of your time, to-do’s and life.
So friends, we’ve put together a list of our top tips to help you make the most out of Trello and use it to organize your team and keep your clients grinning ear-to-ear as their wedding planner.

photo credit: Nadine Photography, wedding planner: The Simplifiers

If you read our previous Life Hacks post on the three best apps for organization, you’ll know how much we love Trello.

It’s a project management app which allows you to create and share boards, lists and cards with other members of your organization. You can tick off items in the checklist as you complete them, but it’s not just some standard to-do list app.  The beauty is, other members of your team can also view what’s been ticked off, meaning they know exactly what stage you are at in your projects.

Internal communications = simplified

We’ve put together a few insider tips on really getting the most out the app:

1) Design your boards and lists to suit you

You can personalize Trello to suit your every need. A good starting point for lists are to have Things to do today, Things to buy, as well as Work to-dos and Home to-dos. But you don’t need to stop there! As well as covering these, you can keep track of your personal interests too. Create boards/lists for films you want see, books you want to read, so on and so forth!

Here’s an example of how Trello can be used for your grocery shopping…


image credit: Clear Coat blog

2) Prioritize your lists with color-coding

Move all your most urgent tasks to the top and even color-code them to make sure they get done. This is especially useful if you have a ton of stuff that needs doing in one day (like most wedding planners do!)

trello label color

3) Share, share and share some more!

We’ve already spoken about how sharing lists with you team can be useful when working on projects together. What can also be great is sharing lists with family members. Using our grocery list from earlier, by sharing your list with your partner they can tick off what grocery items they were able to pick up at the supermarket. Then when you go to the shops later on, you know what still needs buying.

Get into the habit of using Trello with your team and soon you will realize how it can improve your productivity!

We use it to create planning timelines for our clients, offering a full demo in The Apprentice Program curriculum.  Finally, a cloud-based platform to effectively communicate with your full-service brides the upcoming deadlines in planning their wedding, what tasks are assigned to them (buy a dress, alterations, etc) and what tasks your team is handling and what’s been done so far.  All in one nice and tidy spot.

And the best part…Trello is a FREE app!

(well, as of August 14, 2015, that is…better download it quick before they change their mind!)

To learn how we use Trello for wedding planning, signup for The Apprentice Program and we’ll train you and your interns all about it and provide a free planning timeline template (a $275 value) with the course!

The Apprentice Program costs simply $75/intern  and your team are guaranteed to benefit from a structured online training solution which covers all the critical topics of how your firm specifically plans weddings.

Train your interns and transform them into SUPERHERO apprentices who help you get the job done!

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Let’s do this.

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