Life Hacks: Top 3 Apps for Making Lists

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Ever mistaken that precious to-do list at the bottom of your purse for an old receipt and thrown it in the trash? Well, fear not fellow wedding planners!

We can save you from that nightmare with our top three list-making apps….

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If you’re anything like me, at the end of a busy weekend (aka. every weekend for us wedding planners!) you’ll be no stranger to finding an abundance of scrunched up pieces of paper in every purse you own. Also, you’ve probably frequently found yourself running out of space on your already ink-covered hand.

Well, not only are these SUPER unreliable; there have been many occasions when I’ve accidently washed one of my to-do’s off my hand! But why should we stress when there is a world of life-changing apps out there that are perfectly built for wedding planners like us, that you just have to try?

So I’m here to convert those good old-fashioned pen and paper (or pen and hand) list-makers with our top 3 to-do list apps that you MUST have in your simplifying toolkit:

Wunderlist –You’ll ‘wunder’ how you coped without it.

Now I know we’ve mentioned Wunderlist before in Life Hacks: Time-Saving Apps but it most definitely deserves another mention. Not only is it perfect for sharing tasks with fellow team members, we believe that it’s great for sharing lists with the guests too! Ex: the bride and groom’s wedding registry list – this way they hopefully won’t end up with four different gravy boats! The app works on every platform imaginable – yes, that even includes Kindle – so no one should have trouble accessing it. And one of the best things is that it’s FREE, which is perfect for requesting guests to access it.

Asana – Not Asa-NAH, Asa-YAH!

Asana is one that only of a few of you might of heard of, but please don’t shy away! You’re going to have to trust us on this one. It’s probably the exact thing you and your team need to make the weeks leading up to the big day run smoother. This super-organized app (available on desktop, iOS and soon-to-be Android) allows you to create to-do lists within different ‘projects’, assigning individual to-do’s to different members of your team, even on the go! THINK: project = wedding cake, tasks = order cake, collect cake. Moreover, if they need a little more explaining, you can add comments to the tasks. A nice touch is the ability to reorder tasks. This can come in handy when dealing with an unreliable client, as Asana allows you to easily reschedule and reorder to suit the client’s ever-changing needs.

Todoist – You’ve just got touseit!

Todoist is perfect for simplifying those particularly hectic periods as it allows its users to create sub-tasks within the main task. This means that when you’re dealing with multiple brides and their numerous requests, you can clearly map them out. The interface is neatly organized and you can add due dates, files and messages to each sub-task. It syncs perfectly on all devices, which enables you easily share them amongst other members of your team. Although the app is free, it might be worth investing in the premium version as a neat little addition is Todoist Karma, which allows you to review your weekly or monthly productivity!

So, if you want to halve your chaotic work load or become more organized to book more brides, your to-do list app needs to be:
  1. Simplifying
  2. Easily accessible to all
  3. Effortlessly shared and synced
  4. I’ve just realized I’m writing a list about lists….
…and ALL of our top 3 meet this criteria, so take your pick!

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Happy planning!

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