Kickstarter is LIVE!

[UPDATE – as of Jan 13, 2016 ~ 7:52am EST]

  • $3,162 pledged
  • 31% funded
  • 28 backers
  • 28 days to go

I am thrilled to announce that The Simplifiers Kickstarter campaign is officially LIVE!


If you want to jump on that early-bird Kickstarter deal, you better act fast because I’m willing to bet that it’ll get gobbled up quick this week at #TSE2016!

The first 100 people who back us at the $100 level get LIFETIME ACCESS to the training platform for up to 5 interns per semester!  It’s an incredible deal that we hope our most devoted clients and fans will claim first…it’s for our gospel choir of believers.

You know who you are.  We love you.  You are what make the events industry GREAT.   thank you.

Click here to access our Kickstarter!

So, if you’ve never backed a campaign on Kickstarter before, here’s the simple 6 step method:

  1. create a login with Kickstarter.  Don’t worry, it’s not scary…just login here and within 2 clicks, you’re in.
  2. search for: APPRENTICE PROGRAM  —> and you will find our campaign in the “technology” category
  3. click on “BACK THIS PROJECT” button on top right
  4. choose the reward level that suits you (on the far right, scroll down to see the full list of awesomeness)
  5. enter in your payment details (credit cards, folks…not checks, not carrier pigeons carrying checks)
  6. viola!  you’re a backer.

The-Simplifiers-151120-0080 - team photo

The Simplifiers team, led by Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP

Research shows that if a Kickstarter campaign can hit 50% of their campaign goal within the first 48 hours of going LIVE, they have a much better chance of getting fully funded.  So, go…go NOW! to our campaign page.

If we don’t hit our $10k goal, we don’t get a dime of the money.

So, every backer counts…every dollar counts!


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