An Intern’s POV: Frustrating Things About My Job – part two

FACT: Everything would be a lot easier if you could read your interns’ minds.

You could see what things they’re struggling to complete, instead watching them suffer in silence. What bright ideas they have, but are too scared to speak up.

photo credit: jeff sheldon, source: unsplash

photo credit: jeff sheldon, source: unsplash

Unfortunately mind-reading isn’t real, but this is the next best thing…

So, in our previous intern POV blog posts we’ve covered some of the things that interns find most frustrating about their job: not delegating tasks and not trusting they can handle it.

By looking thru the extensive research we did back in April this year, we found that many interns were struggling with simply “not being given anything to do.” They weren’t delegated tasks. They didn’t get a feel for the industry. In fact, many of them felt more like receptionists. (yipes!)

Today we’re going to look at the other side of internships gone wrong: GIVING THEM TOO MUCH.

While some interns were given nothing to do, others stated that the biggest problems they found during their internship was being given TOO much to do, with no proper training.

“[They gave me] a task with little knowledge on the subject and expected me to blow minds.”  ~Millennial intern at Texas-based wedding planning firm

These interns were being told to jump in at the deep end and were expected to know how to swim. For many of these interns, this was their first experience of the wedding industry and they needed to be taught from scratch!.

“Whenever my supervisor would make a mistake, apparently it was my fault. They always expected me to just read their mind.”  ~Millennial intern at NYC-based wedding planning firm

I get that it’s not always easy to make time to train your interns, but it is ESSENTIAL if you really want them to perform to their full potential and flourish in your team.

If you don’t currently have a structured training solution in place for your Fall 2015 interns, you could be paying the price when you’re interns aren’t able to keep up.  Not to mention, you could face legal ramifications as well if you don’t offer training to your unpaid interns.  No one wants that.

Give your interns the training they NEED – apply for The Apprentice Program today (just $75/intern ~ valued at $2000!) and your Fall interns will benefit from 6-weeks of online training, complete with:

  • training videos

  • homework missions

  • report cards

  • live support for you, their mentor

  • start the training at anytime, gain access for 6 full weeks

Time is running out to get your internship program into place for the Fall semester.

The Apprentice Program to the rescue!

Let’s do this.

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