Life Hacks: How to Recognize and Avoid Burnout

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As a wedding planner, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed, especially in busy season when you’re producing weddings every weekend with no downtime, no time off…

When you’re working this hard, it’s easy to get run down and soon you’ll find yourself struggling to keep up.  I mean, there’s a REASON that “Event Coordinator” is listed as the “8th most stressful job in America in 2015” by Forbes Magazine…just behind Firefighter and Police Officer.

What we do is INTENSE.

(can I get an AMEN?)

So, here’s a few Life Hack tips from our team of superheroes on ways to identify and avoid the symptoms of burnout, so you can get back on your feet faster!

In our previous Life Hack blog posts we’ve discussed how one of the main tips in ‘getting it all done’ is being realistic in the goals you set yourself – and recognizing how much you can actually achieve in one day.

This is also important when trying to avoid burnout.

We found this great infographic made by the guys over at The Simple Dollar which highlights the importance of sleep, exercise, breaks and time management in avoiding burnout. Take a look and see if it helps you!

6 simple ways to reduce burnout

infographic credit: The Simple Dollar


  • how do you stop burnout when it’s busy season at work?
  • does getting an early night keep you firing on all cylinders?
  • what about going for an early morning jog?
  • WEDDING PLANNERS, what your best kept secret for self-care?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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