Get Your Team Figured Out For Fall…

Psst, I don’t want to alarm you but…

…things are about to get CRAZY-BUSY really, really soon.

I know, I know, no one wants to hear it.  If you live and work in Texas, this month means 100+ degree weather and hopefully you’re taking time for self-care, sipping frozen margaritas on the beach and soaking up your favorite read of the summer.  The last thing on your mind is the Fall wedding season ahead.

I feel ya.

But, think of us as your undercover superhero…whispering in your ear…ever so gently…so you’re prepared for what’s ahead.  Making you look like a HERO for your brides, your vendors and your events team.

Now is the time to start advertising your Fall internship opportunities.

read below to get a copy of this to use for your firm!

read below to get a copy of this internship write-up to use at your firm!

Follow these 4 easy steps and you’re well on your way to attracting the very best people to work with your team this next semester.

I mean, c’mon…who doesn’t love ticking things off their to-do list?

Advertising Your Internship to Attract AWESOME People:

  1. write a killer internship write-up

Why should they apply for your internship over the others in town? Well first and foremost, you offer the very best, innovative training out there by partnering up with The Apprentice Program, a 6-week onboarding course that helps you train your interns on the critical topics of wedding planning and how your firm operates.  (aren’t you clever!) 

You see, it’s pretty shocking how many DON’T offer any sort of training for their interns…we polled the top wedding planners in the US and found “75% don’t have a set training curriculum.” HOLY SMOKES!  Here’s a hint…don’t be like them.

Interns want to learn from YOU!

This is a chance for them to apprentice under your wing, learning the ins and outs of wedding planning and gain real-world, hand-on experience at your client weddings.

And consider this my gift to you…email us and we’ll send you a FREE copy of The Simplifiers’ internship write-up:

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Feel free to take this write-up and make it your own…copy, edit, cut/paste and use it as your template.  Make sure to adjust the “Responsibilities” and “Requirements” sections to fit the needs of your firm and who you’d like to attract, specifically.

student members of SEPA (Student Event Planners Association) - which one do you want to hire?

student members of SEPA (Student Event Planners Association) – which one do you want to hire?

  1. where to find the very best people

We covered this recently and stand behind this claim, wholeheartedly…SEPA (Student Event Planners Association) is the very best place to find eager, bright intern candidates in the United States. Connect with your local chapter, post your internship opportunity on their online internship board and offer to speak at their upcoming monthly meetings.

You’ll have people BANGIN’ down your door, wanting to work for you.

photo credit: SEPA - student members learning how to make boutonnieres

photo credit: SEPA – student members learning how to make boutonnieres

  1. connect with your local professors –

We’ve found great luck in connecting with the professors to teach in the College of Communications and focus on majors like:

public relations
general communication studies

…and once you make personal contact with these professors, ask them to announce your internship in their next class to their students.  You can find these professors on most major university websites, as their names, department and email addresses are all publicly listed.  For example, here’s a list of all the Advertising and Public Relations professors at the University of Texas at Austin, Moody College of Communication. #BOOM

Make a spreadsheet with their name, email, department, university.  And refer to it every semester, when putting the call out for intern applications.

  1. standardize the process –

Make it easy on you and on others…set and adhere to official dates you’ll be accepting applications for your apprentice program and write this on your internship write-up.

Here’s how The Simplifiers does it:

Application & Resume Submission Instructions: We accept applications between the following dates for each session:
Spring Session – December 1st – December 6th
Summer Session – April 1st – April 6th
Fall Session- August 1st – August 6th

Applications will not be accepted before or after the above dates…No phone calls please.

Post this on your website as a static link…so, anytime you get people inquiring about interning with your firm, point them to this link online.

Do it…do it now….before everyone else gobbles up the very best candidates for this next semester.

Check back here often for tips on interviewing Millennials and what traits to look out for.

Apply today for The Apprentice Program, so you’ll have a plan in place for how you’re going to train your interns and transform them into SUPERHERO apprentices who help you get the job done.  Takes 2 minutes…saves you loads of time later.  Trust me.

Now, back to your margarita

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