The Apprentice Program is accepting applications from event planning firms for an exciting 6-week onboarding course.  This custom-crafted training is valued at $2000.00 USD per intern, providing:

  • weekly video sessions

  • missions/homework assignments

  • individual and team report cards

  • extra support for the mentor

If selected, the firm agrees to pay just $75/per intern for this exclusive training.

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Who We’re Looking For:

Event planning firms who are currently working with interns

  • you have a passion for mentoring the next generation in the events industry

  • you’re willing to try out a simple training solution to increase trust and save time

  • you’re dedicated to commit 100% to the full six-weeks of the onboarding program- start anytime you wish, beginning September 1, 2016!

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    Please note, if your firm is accepted for The Apprentice Program, you agree to pay $75/per intern for this exclusive training, valued at $2000 per intern. Payment in full is due prior to the start of the six-week program. You can start The Apprentice Program at any time!

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    "The content is SPOT-ON, absolutely perfect!"

    − Regina, CEO of Cloud Nove Events

    "Mary has given us superpowers as wedding Apprentices!"

    − Jacki, Apprentice

    "You made our wedding day so simple & easy...I want to tell all my friends!"

    − Emily, bride

    "This is great & such a stress reliever on me to have your help!"

    − Michele, CEO of Modish Productions
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