Empowering Millennials in the Modern-Day Workplace // SEPA


Last night, I had the absolute pleasure of conducting a webinar with members of the Student Event Planners Association (SEPA) from all over the United States, talking about a topic that is near and dear to my heart:

Empowering Millennials in the Modern-Day Workplace

In this 60 minute episode, I’ve jam-packed some of my very best insider tips for employers and for millennials themselves.



  • 5 tips for employers who work with millennials
  • what’s the most important thing they want from their job?
  • don’t believe the hype – both about millennials and about gen x bosses – let’s squash some stereotypes!
  • 5 tips for millennials on how to empower yourself in your career
  • what’s the most important thing your boss expects from you?


“You do know about the sh*t sandwich, right?  Start off with something positive, slip in the kinda negative thing (i.e. constructive feedback) in the middle and wrap it up with something up positive.  Works every time!”

~Mary, revealing her secret for giving tough feedback to employees/interns


  • EMPLOYERS: how do you motivate and empower your millennial staff?  what other tips would you recommend?
  • MILLENNIALS: are there other things that are important to you when you’re seeking a job or internship?  what else can employers do to empower you?


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