EMPOWER THEM: 4 new tasks for interns while on-site at events

It’s GAME DAY, the day-of your client’s event, where all the magic happens.

Whether it’s load-in, load-out or doors have officially opened and attendees are arriving, there are thousands of little tasks to be done by the various vendors and events teams on-site.

After all, it’s GO time!

Live events are like football, who's on your team makes all the difference. (image: Michigan Wolverines - 1899)

Live events are like football, who’s on your team makes all the difference. (image: Michigan Wolverines – 1899)

So, what part does your intern team play?

Here’s four new ideas of tasks they could be responsible for while on-site at your client’s event or wedding, that’ll empower your interns and help your team SHINE!

Sure, sure, you could have your interns just help you move tables/chairs around the space and throw linens.  We all do that…we all pitch in and do the unglamorous jobs.

However, next time, try delegating these fours tasks instead:

Task #1 – assign them a grandma.

Identify any bridal party members, grandparents or special guests that might need a little help, mobility or otherwise and assign an intern to them.  Someone who will be kind, courteous and sloooooow with them, to be there when Grandma Edna goes up/down the stairs and needs a friendly escort to lean on.  Someone who will go the extra mile to make sure they are well hydrated with a cool glass of water on a hot summer day.  Someone who will sneak them an extra canape when no one is looking.  Take care of granny and you’re not only taking care of the mother of the bride/groom, but the bride/groom as well…your careful attention to detail will get noticed by many more people than you think.

Task #2 – take inventory of the wedding gifts.

No one likes to think a wedding gift or card will walk off from a wedding reception…but sadly, this still does happen, we hear.  But not at our events…we always assign 2 interns to take careful inventory of all the wrapped gifts and box them up into moving boxes that are easily placed in the client’s designated car at the end of the night.  If the gift/card says who it’s from, we create a simple spreadsheet with this data that is attached to the moving box, so there’s no surprises.  Always do this task with at least 2 people on your team, including a staff member present for “checks and balances.”  Always.

Task #3 – assist with cat wrangling.

Immediately after the ceremony, there’s typically the bridal party photos.  And if you’re producing a wedding in the South, you know that sometimes these bridal parties are massive.  Give your interns the task of studying up on the key players in the bridal party beforehand and they’ll be aces at spotting these people in the crowd at the wedding.  So, when your wedding photographer is searching for Uncle Earl and Sally the flowergirl, your interns will quickly and easily find them (with a smile, naturally) in the crowd and make this part of the evening go by, without a hitch.

Task #4 – become cue-to-cue masters

Regardless if it’s a wedding or a corporate holiday party, your interns will be a valuable resource for you to ensure that the music cues are spot-on at your event.  Time for the CEO to make a toast?  No problem.  Time for the DJ to announce the first dance?  We’ve got you covered.  Have an intern stationed next to the DJ on a walkie-talkie and the lead planner with the CEO (or bride/groom) for easy communication back/forth, so no one misses a beat for their big moment in the spotlight.

what skills the apprentice learns:

  • people management

  • customer service

  • attention to detail

  • on-site execution of show flow

Try this at your next event and tell us how it went by leaving a comment below!  We’d love to read all your success stories…

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