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Did you hear? With your help, we raised over $12,000 through our Kickstarter.  Of course you heard…we’ve been tweeting, talking and telling (basically) everyone we meet about it all non-stop since it launched!

To celebrate and say thanks to our 166 backers, we hosted a Simplifiers party right in the heart of Nottingham, England with our UK team, complete with beer and cupcakes in a very traditional pub.


Old Market Square + The Cross Keys pub, Nottingham, England

Thank you to those of you who joined us on the night in the pub or live on Periscope (@apprenticeprgm).


Laura chatting away with folks on Periscope! (follow us at @apprenticeprgm)

For those of you who couldn’t join us in person, you might have had a lucky escape – my jeans are now so tight that they’re cutting off the blood supply to my legs and I blame our CEO Mary and her free cupcakes!


om nom nom

We have a lot to celebrate…

…our successful Kickstarter, the 45 new mentors who have joined our global network AND winning the 2016 Weddi award for “Most Creative Use of Technology” from WeddingWire.



We took one night off from being undercover superheroes, but we’re already back working on our mission to stop horrible internships and giving mentors all the tools they need to train and empower their interns.

Expect big things from The Simplifiers family!

And I don’t just mean my cupcake enhanced waistline…

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