the mindfulness app which helps you destress: no meditation required

Don’t like meditation but need a great tool to help you de-stress and calm your mind?

We’ve got you covered. Time to get creative and relax…


Let me set the scene: You’ve had an unbelievably busy day – back to back meetings, non-stop emails flying into your inbox PLUS you’ve had to go into crisis management beast mode.

Finally everything has been dealt with – all you need to do now is slow down your racing mind.

Mindfulness is super popular right now. It’s been proven to reduce anxiety and it helps you think clearly. Sounds great in theory but I just can’t get into the whole sitting still, doing nothing and trying to stop my mind from wandering.

Mindfulness is about focus and being present and luckily for us, meditation isn’t the only method. I decided to try a coloring book. Trust me, they’re not just for kids – coloring as a mindfulness tool has become really popular in recent years and there’s more choice than just Disney cartoons.

And, like all great trends, there’s an app for that – Colorfy.

It’s simply a colouring app for adults that allows you to fill your mind with pretty pictures and colours for a while.  No need to carry around a book and crayons – you can have access to lots of different pictures all on your phone.

Personally I love letting out my inner child, putting my to do list to one side, and getting a little creative. There’s a bonus with this app that any of you fellow perfectionists are going to love – it’s impossible to color outside of the lines! No mistakes to get frustrated by = no stress.

One warning: this app is surprisingly addictive. I keep finding myself coloring in pictures instead of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (but is that really such a bad thing?)

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