change is the only constant in life…how to let go.


Ryan Gosling wants to show you why letting go of your old ways is a good thing.

If I told you of another route for your commute to work, would you consider changing your routine? What if I told you that my way would cut your travel time by 30 minutes and that the route is frequented by runners who look like Ryan Gosling. Topless.

Would you still want to stick with the same journey you’ve been doing for years? It’s a no-brainer.

Faster commute + hot guys = positive change.

So what about changes in your business and the way you do things in your professional life?

Why are we so reluctant to try something new and let go of what doesn’t work for us anymore? Sure, what you’ve always done might seem to work but there might be other ways. Better ways! Technology is moving lightning fast these days and the latest #eventtech could save you time and minimize stress.

A key point to consider is your perspective. Are you the kind of person that sits back and lets change happen to you or are you the one making change happen?

Successful people and businesses embrace change. They actively go looking for it.

They acknowledge that what worked before might not work any longer and they know they need to regularly reevaluate their methods to see if there are more efficient and effective options.

Successful people see change as an opportunity.

They understand that looking for something permanent is the kind of thinking that gets you stuck in a rut.

“Change is the only constant in life.” ~Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP – CEO of The Simplifiers

It’s only natural that we become attached to our tried and true methods, but we need to learn to take a step back and detach ourselves from the situation. Thinking critically is the key.

Take a look back at 2015.

What worked for you and what didn’t?

Are your methods and processes still working for you now? Things change and sometimes what worked before may no longer be the most appropriate option for you or your firm.

View the idea of changing as an opportunity and be open to new ideas. What if you had chosen to ignore Pinterest? You’d still be making those moodboards for your brides by hand. #TRUTH  Be on the lookout – what other opportunities are out there?

You don’t need to go crazy and try to change everything about your business.

Here’s 3 ways to make small changes today:

The Apprentice Program is helping people like you make a high impact and positive change in their businesses. Structured training means your interns hit the ground running every semester and your company’s productivity skyrockets.

Still worried about letting go and making changes? Just think about Ryan Gosling topless! (that helps me, after all)

We want to hear from you!
Leave a comment below and tell us what small changes you plan on making to your business in 2016.  We are here to support you as your accountability buddy…tell us and we’ll help you make it happen!

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