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set your interns up for success…in two words.

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Worried about hiring interns and having to babysit them?


Ever had to keep correcting an intern’s work because they just didn’t know how you do things in your firm?

We have the solution.


Either on an intern’s first day or an introductory visit before they officially start, you need to sit down with them and explain what you expect from them.  There’s a few key questions you need to ask and answer in the beginning…

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EMPOWER THEM: 4 new tasks for interns while on-site at events

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It’s GAME DAY, the day-of your client’s event, where all the magic happens.

Whether it’s load-in, load-out or doors have officially opened and attendees are arriving, there are thousands of little tasks to be done by the various vendors and events teams on-site.

After all, it’s GO time!

Live events are like football, who's on your team makes all the difference. (image: Michigan Wolverines - 1899)

Live events are like football, who’s on your team makes all the difference. (image: Michigan Wolverines – 1899)

So, what part does your intern team play?

Here’s four new ideas of tasks they could be responsible for while on-site at your client’s event or wedding, that’ll empower your interns and help your team SHINE!

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change is the only constant in life…how to let go.

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Ryan Gosling wants to show you why letting go of your old ways is a good thing.

If I told you of another route for your commute to work, would you consider changing your routine? What if I told you that my way would cut your travel time by 30 minutes and that the route is frequented by runners who look like Ryan Gosling. Topless.

Would you still want to stick with the same journey you’ve been doing for years? It’s a no-brainer.

Faster commute + hot guys = positive change.

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Empowering Millennials in the Modern-Day Workplace // SEPA

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Last night, I had the absolute pleasure of conducting a webinar with members of the Student Event Planners Association (SEPA) from all over the United States, talking about a topic that is near and dear to my heart:

Empowering Millennials in the Modern-Day Workplace

In this 60 minute episode, I’ve jam-packed some of my very best insider tips for employers and for millennials themselves.



  • 5 tips for employers who work with millennials
  • what’s the most important thing they want from their job?
  • don’t believe the hype – both about millennials and about gen x bosses – let’s squash some stereotypes!
  • 5 tips for millennials on how to empower yourself in your career
  • what’s the most important thing your boss expects from you?

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Empower Them: planning a junior event

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POP QUIZ TIME – answer yes or no:

  • has your phone stopped ringing as much, lately?
  • you want to reach your ideal client, but you’re not sure how to get in front of him/her.
  • looking ahead in 1-3 months, do you wish you had more events booked?
  • ever wonder how your competitor always seems to plan all the very best venue open houses in your city?
  • do you feel stuck on a hamster wheel, spinning round and round, working around the clock, desperately juggling it all?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this week’s Empower Them task is absolutely MADE for you and your interns/apprentices.  It’s okay, thank me later.

Our “Empower Them” ideas are all about tasks you could delegate to your interns and apprentices that would enrich their learning experience during their internship.  They appreciate it when you give them responsibilities that challenge them, guidance all along in the project and help them gain tangible skills as a wedding planner.  So, here goes…

The Knot Magazine - Austin Market Mixer - planned by interns, led by Mary of The Simplifiers

The Knot Magazine – Austin Market Mixer – planned by interns, led by Mary of The Simplifiers; photo credit: Cory Ryan Photography

TASK: have your team plan a “junior event”

Now, wait a second…stay with me for a second.  I know what you’re thinking...”WHAT!!?!  We’re not going to just let an untrained intern plan an ENTIRE event for our firm!!?!”

Yup, you’re right.

Who would be silly enough to put an untrained person in front of a client?

You’re going to:
  • train them
  • give them the base tools
  • give them guidance and a safety net to fall back on, if and when they need advice

…and you’re gonna set them free.  Because you know as well as I do…there’s only so much you can read about event planning, eventually, you’ve just got to get your hands in it and DO IT.

So, here’s how to do it in five easy steps…

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