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how to manage the 5 most challenging personalities in your workplace

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Do you work with problematic people? Every company has them, but how should you manage them?


As an event planner, you have to deal with a variety of people…from clients to vendors to different types of people on your own team, which can make your job more difficult. So we’ve put together a list of the top 5 challenging personality types and the best way to respond to them, without pulling out your hair.

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Merry Christmas, friends!

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from The Simplifiers!


Did Santa bring you all the presents you wished for?

We’re excited for the year ahead – especially all of the latest developments to The Apprentice Program training curriculum, but for now let’s just take some time to pause, relax, breathe and enjoy the holidays.

Look out for our upcoming blogs on how to get set for your best year ever and how to beat stress. Until then superheroes, we advise you to simply rest, eat and be merry!

Thank you for being such a great tribe of supporters…we LOVE you all.