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how to spot potential in new hires

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The Simplifiers team is made up of undercover superheroes.

We’re a diverse group of talent, drive, creativity and ambition…and we each have hidden talents that help us SHINE in our various roles on the team.


But how do you spot these hidden heroes?

We’ve put together a list of our top 6 tips for finding diamonds in the rough when scouting out new talent for your event team. Read More

student event planners, $51 will help you land your next internship!

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We’ve all been there.

The stress of finding an internship…the time-consuming process of writing your resume…and then figuring out where to send it…the nerves felt during the interview…am I saying the right things, am I asking the right questions?

The pressure is mounting.  The competition is fierce.  The whole thing can be super stressful.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Event students, here’s your chance to learn from a master and land the internship of a lifetime!


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Apprentice Case Study #10 – Ashley Shearman

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We’ve already trained over 80 superhero interns thru The Apprentice Program and every so often we like to share their thoughts and experiences with you.

former apprentice: Ashley Shearman

former apprentice: Ashley Shearman

Today, we’ve got one of The Simplifiers’ very own former apprentices – Ashley Shearman!

Read her insights and to find out about the skills and experiences she gained from The Apprentice Program…

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4 mistakes to avoid when training your interns

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Today, we’re sharing some of the most common mistakes made when taking on interns.

These apply to any industry, but we know from experience and research that event planners worry about the time and effort it takes to train an intern and the stress and risks that come with bringing interns into your firm.

We’ve made it our mission to end bad internships for both interns AND mentors so keep reading to find out how to make internships work for you.

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why hire interns? what do I get?

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Ahh yes, the age old question…

Why hire interns?

Well, quite simply, we call that WII-FM…or:

“What’s In It For Me?”

An absolutely valid question and to be quite frank, not everyone is built to be a mentor.  You’ve got to have a passion for education and love watching people you work with grow and morph into a great event planner because of your influence and training.

And sure, I’m sure if you’ve ever hired an intern who turned out to be a bit of a dud or was constantly checking Facebook, or heaven-forbid, was 20 minutes late to work every morning, you might be thinking: NOPE.  No thanks.

No, no, I totally get it.

But take a moment and hear us out…this is why we think that interns are WORTH taking the risk…


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