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30x30x30 – let’s connect in July!

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HOORAY, we are thrilled to finally announce 30x30x30!

What is it?

Well, I’m glad you asked…in the month of July, I have set myself a challenge to connect with 30 people, one per day from July 1-31 (ahem, taking July 4th off!), for 30 minutes to chat about anything your heart desires.

That could include:

  • your biggest challenge as an event professional and/or business owner
  • how to book more clients
  • Q/A interview – learning more about YOU and how you do awesome things
  • how to be a better mentor + build a stronger internship program

…and for emerging event professionals + event students, JUMP ON THIS:

  • how to land your first BIG opportunity in the events industry
  • how to write a killer resume + cover letter
  • how to nail the interview
  • what to expect on your first day on the job

This is my gift to you guys, as a way to pay it forward this summer.

This 30-minute coaching session is completely FREE (valued at $125 USD), plus a great opportunity for you and your firm to be featured on The Apprentice Program in the near, near future.


Sign up below and we’ll schedule our call soon!*

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*note: the first 30 people to sign up will receive this FREE special offer…first come, first served!

If you’re feeling stuck and need someone who’s been in your shoes before, sign up for 30x30x30.  Sometimes an outside perspective is EXACTLY what you need to unblock whatever is stopping you from taking your business and your career to the next level.  

As your undercover superhero, I can help you get there.

Sign up for a 30-minute call and let’s do this…I look forward to hearing from you! 


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your undercover superhero,

Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP

Top 25 Young Event Pros to Watch – Special Events Magazine

thought of the day: whatever you practice more of, you get more of

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This week, we’ve been listening to Preston Smiles on The School of Greatness podcast and thinking about the relationships we’re building with the people around us.

Of course The Apprentice Program and The Simplifiers believe in mentoring and empowering others but we also strongly believe that it’s a two-way street. Actually, when you’re doing it right, we KNOW it is.

If you want to be in a tribe that is supportive and empowering – practice being supportive and empowering! Your tribe benefits but you will too.

Whatever you practice more of, you get more of. (2)

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5 ways to build your business with interns

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Want to take your business to the next level? My friend, you’re going to need interns…

Build with interns rectangle

We believe the secret to growth is by servings and mentoring others first.  Empower your team with better training and you’ll find that you will multiply your team’s efforts and capabilities by 10x.

More people on your team = more capable hands to help

But keep in mind, you must, must, MUST provide your interns a set training curriculum…it’s required by law.

Therefore, we’ve put together 5 ways that having interns on your team is just good business for both sides when quality training is administered.

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6 reasons why you should become a mentor

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What do you think of when we say “become a mentor”?

Do you think it’s more trouble than it’s worth and that you don’t have time for that in your busy, busy schedule?

We don’t blame you – some internships (without the right training tools and framework) can be pretty bad for everyone involved.

We’re on a mission to end horrible internships for good!6 REASONS TO BECOME A MENTOR RECTANGLE

What you might not know is that there are huge, huge benefits for people who serve as mentors.

In short, everything in your life is about to change…and for the better.

When you’re a mentor for someone, you’ll find new opportunities open up for you, your business will expand and your client base and network will grow.

Click below and see for yourself…

(and we bet you’ll be looking for advice on hiring interns pretty soon!) Read More

Take back control and build your business

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We all want to be on top of things, build our businesses and take our firms to the next level.

But sometimes we just get overloaded and our focus is pulled away by a mountain of tasks and to-do’s.. We end up spending our days running around desperately trying to check things off our lists.

Sound familiar?

We believe that well-trained interns are the answer to your problems.

How?  When you empower them through quality training, they help you focus more time on sales and business development.

Here’s what Susannah of 11:11 Events (Austin, Texas) had to say about The Apprentice Program:

More tieme for networking quote

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