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3 tips to upgrade your interview process

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As the old adage goes…

HIRE slow, fire fast.

There’s nothing worse than hiring the wrong people to your team, regardless if they are interns or employees.  They look great on paper, you take a gamble, only to find a few weeks in to the job, they just aren’t the right fit.

You’ve wasted time, resources and mental energy as a mentor, trying to turn the situation around.

But alas, it’s no good.  That ship has sailed.

Want to avoid this tricky situation from the get-go?

Time to upgrade your interview process.

Here are 3 easy tips that’ll help you identify the very best superheroes to hire.  First step, optimize your interviewing process.  That means you’ve got to be a better interviewer.  When you do that, you’ll improve your efficiency and effectiveness to spot a diamond in the rough faster than ever before.  3 TIPS TO UPGRADE YOUR INTERVIEW PROCESS

Trust us…this is one of the very first undercover superhero powers you’ll need to cultivate for success…here’s how:

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Looking beyond work experience: 3 things to look for when hiring interns

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We all know, hiring interns is a very different process to hiring regular employees.

Many times, you can’t (really) look at their previous experience, only their potential.

But it’s not about just making a gut decision and choosing the candidate with the most enthusiasm. There are a few other things to look out for that can help you find your superhero intern.



You might not have any candidates with any paid work experience, but do they have any experience volunteering for local charities or projects?  If the answer is yes, you might be on to a winner!

Volunteering demonstrates commitment and that the candidate is a well-rounded person who has heart and who can adapt to work on a project outside of their school studies.

It’s likely that they have picked up some practical skills (like working in an office environment), too.

social media presence

Always, always, ALWAYS Google potential interns.

You need to make sure that they present themselves appropriately online. The last thing you want is someone who talks inappropriately about their work, themselves and/or looks unprofessional.

They might be representing your firm one day – if you can find something negative online about them, your clients can too.

The other benefit is that you can see where their interests and passions lie. Are they sharing stories about the events industry on twitter?  Are they involved with their local ILEA or SEPA chapter?

Does their Linkedin page suggest that they’re actually interested in a completely different industry? HINT: you don’t want to be their back up plan.


Have you ever come across any of your prospective interns at a networking event before? If the answer is YES – it’s a very good sign.

The fact that they’re investing time and effort into getting to know others in the industry suggests that they are passionate and committed.

Plus it shows initiative, confidence and an outgoing personality – a perfect addition to your team!

Networking events are also a great chance for you to find interns. Don’t always expect them to come to you. If you strike up a conversation with someone who shows great potential, tell them about your internship program and invite them to apply!  I know Mary has found lots of really great interns this way.

What do you look for when you’re selecting interns?  Leave a comment below and share your best tips and tricks.

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superhero webinar series – 4 tips on where to find great intern candidates

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hello #eventprofs and friends!

It’s that time of year to start sorting things out for your company’s Fall 2016 internship program.

superhero webinar series-2
I’ve been getting lots of questions on the topic, so, I’m commited to delivering a 30min webinar every Wednesday in June on Facebook Live to share everything I know when it comes to working with interns, to set you guys up for success.

This week, we’ll cover the topic of where to find top-quality intern candidates, including:

-what details you need to include in your internship write-up to entice the very best applications
-how to get your local colleges to help you spread the word
-2 really great resources that you’re totally forgetting about
-how to systemize your recruitment process to simplify and save time
…and so much more.

So tune in this Wednesday, June 1st at 9:30am central time and I will share all the very best tips in nailing this crucial part of your internship program!

(Tuning in overseas? Here’s a handy dandy time converstion tool:

Simply visit this event page or The Simplifiers business page at the time of the event to tune in.

Also bring any questions or challenges you might have when it comes to mentoring or working with interns and I’ll answer them on the spot!


4 tips to attract superhero interns

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We all want to work with GREAT people.

I mean, really…who wants to surround themselves with anything less?

The truth is, your prospective interns are competing against each other to get a position within your company, but keep in mind, you too are competing against hundreds (if not thousands) of other companies to get the top picks in your city, both inside and outside the events industry.

How do you make sure that you get the best applicants competing for a place at your firm?  Click below and learn our top 4 tips to attracting superhero candidates to your internship program.woman-801872_1920

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5 interview questions to help you find your superhero intern

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So, you’ve written a standout internship write up and attracted some great candidates. You’ve reviewed their resumes and now you’ve got a potential intern sat in front of you waiting to be interviewed.

But what do you ask???

Time to pay attention! We’ve got the 5 must ask questions to help you make the perfect choice for your firm.

Intern interview qs

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