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Mary, how DOES The Apprentice Program help me book more brides?

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This might be a question that some of you are wondering…

I get that it helps me train my interns, but what’s in it for me in the long-term?

It’s a completely valid question – before you commit, you want to make sure it’s gonna help your firm grow and improve.


wedding planner: The Simplifiers, photo credit: Mint Photography

Well, we’re here today to explain exactly WHY intern training is the oh-so-important piece of the puzzle that your event planning business has been missing…

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can interns really learn outside of the event itself?

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I know a lot of interns get by just training on-the-fly while on-site at weddings.  In the rush and adrenaline of setting up the event, then running it and later breakdown, they try to pick things up as they go along…

But is there a better way?

(psst… the answer is YES.)

Because let’s face it…when you’re on-site at your client’s weddings, that’s the LAST place you have time to truly slow down and train your team.  We believe that a good mix of hands-on experience and online training during the week, mixed with learn-on-the-job on-site at the event is the way to go.  We transform your interns into SUPERHERO apprentices, giving them the prep they need to help you create magical weddings like this:

the simplifiers wedding wildflower center

photo credit: MH Photography, wedding planner: The Simplifiers

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The Apprentice Program – how it works

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Over the last few months, we’ve seen wedding planners all over the US train their interns using The Apprentice Program and the results are EXCITING!   You guys are upping your game as a mentor and transforming your interns into apprentices who truly think fast on their feet.  #highfive

“With The Apprentice Program, I feel confident that my team understands the vision of my company and will represent me and my firm the same way I would.” ~ Michele at Modish Productions

And what’s more important than having a team you can confidently trust?

That’s one of the hardest things to accomplish as a small business owner.  Finding the right people to put on the bus and then get them up to speed quickly with how your firm plans & designs events and fast.

But, just how does it work?

The Apprentice Program is simple.

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Empowering Millennials in the Modern-Day Workplace // SEPA

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Last night, I had the absolute pleasure of conducting a webinar with members of the Student Event Planners Association (SEPA) from all over the United States, talking about a topic that is near and dear to my heart:

Empowering Millennials in the Modern-Day Workplace

In this 60 minute episode, I’ve jam-packed some of my very best insider tips for employers and for millennials themselves.



  • 5 tips for employers who work with millennials
  • what’s the most important thing they want from their job?
  • don’t believe the hype – both about millennials and about gen x bosses – let’s squash some stereotypes!
  • 5 tips for millennials on how to empower yourself in your career
  • what’s the most important thing your boss expects from you?

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