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An Intern’s POV: eLearning vs. Training-on-the-Fly

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Hi guys, Chloe here…Marketing Intern for The Apprentice Program.

As a millennial, I have grown up with technology my entire life and experienced a range of teaching methods, from supervisors who just delivered training-on-the-fly to the traditional methods of classroom teaching to eLearning (aka online learning + blended learning).

It’s not always possible to have a structured training schedule in place when things are so busy at work.

As an intern, I get that.

BUT…by looking at things from our POV, you as a wedding planner (and our mentor) would you believe there’s a better way out there to train and engage your millennial interns, that’ll actually save you time in the long run?

Crazy, I know…but read on.

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An Intern’s POV: Frustrating Things About My Job – part one

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FACT: In order to keep your team motivated and productive, it is essential to look after all employees, especially your interns.

When one person starts to feel frustrated about their job, it ripples out to every single person on the team, unless it’s addressed immediately by their supervisor.  And in the middle of busy wedding season, that’s the LAST thing you need to deal with. #amIright

So, what if you could take a peek behind the curtain and see what millennial interns REALLY mean when they’re frustrated with their job?  Get to the core of WHY they sometimes flake out, give up and/or don’t really flourish on your team.

Well, today is your lucky day.

Back in April 2015, we did some extensive research to find out what millennials really thought of their past internships in the wedding industry and what they found most frustrating.  Some of it is a bit SHOCKING.

It’s time to share with you what we found out, so you can avoid these mistakes at your firm…

Austin wedding bouquet

photo credit: Christina Carroll photography, wedding planner: The Simplifiers

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Why eLearning can transform your interns into superheroes

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Busy season means go-go-go!  Weddings every weekend, 200+ emails a day and the phone ringing off the hook means it can be hard to find the time to train your interns.

We’ve all been there.

And it’s a trap…You see, it’s all just one big vicious cycle…too busy to fully train your team = work piling up = a team who can’t help you because they haven’t gotten enough training = you try to do it all, all by yourself = crash and burn.

Time to stop the madness.

Read more if you want to get your interns up to speed quicker, so you can delegate more tasks and book more brides like this…

outdoor wedding photo

photo credit: Sunny 16 Photography, wedding planner: The Simplifiers

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Why Pay For Intern Training?

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Just a quick note to say thank you to all the support and love since we launched!  Applications are rolling in and you’ve got a few more days to get yours in before the deadline. Apply here.

I wanted to address the reason of price, in case that is causing any sort of hesitation on your side.

So, why pay $75/intern for this training?

Have you ever heard the saying: “the grass is greener where you water it.”
photo credit: sujan sundareswaran

photo credit: sujan sundareswaran

How much does your wedding planning firm currently invest in training and development for your interns? Some of you guys might say, “well, nothing.” But actually, that’s a lie.

If you are training your interns on the fly, you are paying with your precious time.

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My Journey as a Mentor in the Events Industry

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mbwHello, my name is Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP, Founder and CEO of The Simplifiers.  For those whom I haven’t met yet, howdy, hi, lovely to meet you!  My journey as a mentor in the events industry has been nothing sort of an epic global adventure, truly.

You see, I launched The Simplifiers back in 2003, as a full-service event planning company, based in Austin, Texas…in my pajamas, in my home office, as you do.  Spinning off from my 7+ years of experience working in commercial radio, producing large-scale concerts and community events, I decided to follow the way of my entrepreneurial parents and start my own small business.

It was my dream, after all… 

…planning events with passionate clients and amazing vendor partners who value my knack at staying super organized, always under budget and cultivating a collaborative, fun experience in the event design process.  Plus, I finally found a profession that truly APPRECIATED my attention to detail! (all the OCD gals in the crowd, holla!)

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